Monday, 17 October 2011

The American

I watched an awful pointless film the American. It begins with one to he most shocking moments in the cinema but than fails to live up to that moment. George Clooney plays an Assassin who is lying low between jobs in an isolated retreat at the edge of a frozen lake with a young woman with he has been making love. We do not know his occupation. The following morning wrapped up for the conditions they go for a walk in the sun when a short rings out narrowly missing the woman. Clooney shoots the assassin and then goes to find out of there is an accomplice telling the woman who is shocked to go into the home and ring for the police. As soon as she turns Clooney shoots her dead in the back of the head and then kills the accomplice of the man sent to kill him. It is at that point the audience realise this is a killer

He leaves the area and arriving by rain at a city centre contacts his employer who tells him to lie low in an Italian hill town It is one of those that a\ways appears empty at whatever time of day. Anyone with the slightest intelligence knows what he had not grasped; it is the employer who wants him killed. What we do not know is how or who until is told to meet a desirable young would and prepare a riffle and bullets according to her needs. Although he has limited Italian he has the good fortune to meet the local priest who speaks good English. The priest has a contact that runs a garage and Clooney fakes damage to his car to get help and then using the contact with the priest persuades the garage to lend him tools which he needs to work of the provided riffle. You immediately know the girl is the killer and when he eventually works this out after a separate attempt from another hire assassin he fixes the weapons so when the woman attempts to kill him it blows off part of her face and she dies, revealing it is their employer who authorised the killing. The employer is nearby and in the shoot both are mortally wounded. We do not know why the employer was going to such trouble to kill his assassin.

Clooney appears to lead a boring empty life although he reads and has an interest in Butterflies. He drinks alcohol and coffee in bars alone. He visits a brothel where he takes a liking to one girl to take a liking to him. He reminds her he is there for his won pleasure not to please her. But after seeing her out with a female friend who have been to the pictures he asks her out on a date, a picnic and later when he sees her at a church festival he asks her to come away with him, but he dies at the wheel of his car from the gun shot injury on his way where she is waiting at the picnic site.

The priests sense this is man of great sin and who is continuing to sin and begs him to seek absolution. Clooney rejects this. The film as I say is pointless. We are shocked at the callous death of the first girlfriend. Delighted that the prostitute has escaped his clutches. We are delighted that Clooney the girl and other callous killers are all dead and hopefully rotting in hell for the misery they have caused. So what is the point of the film I ask again?

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