Tuesday, 4 October 2011


The other film watched is Behemoth, the title given to the computer creature created for the film and the sea serpent mentioned in the Old Testament. The film is part of a monsters week on a film channel and but unlike The Town it cannot be described as well made film of its genre.

Unbeknown to the local inhabitants the USA government has noted a number of seismic developments around the world which cannot be explained in the usual way but appear to relate to an area beneath a mountain (Lincoln) near the town of Ascension in Canada and then send observer teams and amazingly take with them a shoulder launched multi loaded war head contained in a field carried box complete with shoulder straps. Gosh they knew it was some kind of monster. Fortunately for the sake of the film they are not alone in working out that if you destroy the monster you save the world.

The area is known for many minor quakes which resulted in many buildings being destroyed two generations earlier and this has led to a retired college Professor who suffers from mental health problems requiring medication constructing a great theory that from time to time when the world gets out of balance the earth has somehow corrected itself such as the Ice Age, the Flood, the Great Plagues and that there is a connection between these events and belief in the existence of monsters who are warning that human kind needs to get its act together or be destroyed. He is convinced something catastrophic is about to happen and that for some reason the centre is their community.

A local girl has become a scientist working for whom it is not clear but studying seismic activity is concerned that the readings form local ‘boxes’ is so odd that they must have malfunctioned as appears to have occurred six months previously. She does to check out and finds that the readings are correct and her assistant back is able to confirm the development of similar readings around the world which do not appear to have any explanation but which appear to relate to some underground activity at the mountain. She decides to stay in town, not clear where, as we do not see her with any family but her uncle is the local Sheriff who is sceptical about any suggestion that the volcanic mountain officially dormant is suddenly coming to life.

In town she meets the son of the ‘mad’ professor she meets a former boyfriend, family friend, someone with whom she had a relationship, called Thomas. We learn he had a military career but I cannot remember if we are told how he earns his living and who worries about the mental condition of his father demanding that he takes his medication. Thomas has brought up his young sister Grace who is embarrassed and frightened by the behaviour of her father. She has along standing boyfriend of four years and the two plan a weekend on the mountain where her family used to go for picnics and where she plans to lose her virginity and he plans to ask her to marry him complete with engagement ring.

There are other signs of an unusual situation as a local woman dies on the mountain and is found with marks on her face and a man part of a work crew dies suddenly although he has only broken in leg as a result of the most recent seismic activity. The scientist Emily works out that during the activity fissures of carbon monoxide escape and temporarily concentrate a few feet above ground causing asphyxiation to anyone who remains in the immediate area.

Another activity causes the death of a government man working on the mountain so another arrives and seeks help to go up the mountain to investigate, He has attempted to do so by the roadway but further activity has blocked the roadway. He tries to persuade Thomas to take him but he refuses. We also see a shot of someone leaving his home on the slopes because of activity outside only to see his home disappear to roof level because of further activity, but he survives, Before the young couple go off the girl’s father tries to explain his theory about what is happening to his daughter and that quoting from the bible the only way to defeat the monster is to fire something in his mouth into his belly to split it in two.

The Sheriff is eventually convinced that something is radically wrong and that the whole mountain top could explode and single handedly evacuates the area for town to 20 miles around the mountain. The mad professor is persuaded to go and stay with a relative but before he leaves he tries to persuade the owner of the local diner he visit regularly that she must also leave. She hesitates and they are caught in further activity which results in all but the roof of the building going underground in what emerges to be a vast cavern. Learning that his daughter has gone up the mountain with her boyfriend he goes to where he thinks they might be camping and Emily volunteers to go with him. It is at this point amazingly all the members of the family become involved with the Behemoth in addition to the Government agent.

It appears that the monster a creature with a giant head and several gigantic tentacles had been trying to break out from within the cavern under the mountain and so far it has only managed to release an individual tentacle. It breath instead of fire is carbon monoxide. At the moment the young man is proposing to Grace they catch sight of the monster through one of its tentacles. During their attempt to escape the young man is lost but fortunately the girl is able to meet up with her brother and Emily and instead of getting off the mountain quickly, having met up with the government agent they are persuaded to help him retrieve the weapon. The agent is wounded and dies but Ed manages to retrieve the weapon just avoiding falling into a great chasm off the mountain. Meanwhile back in town the mad professor and his friend the diner owner has also encountered the monster viewed though the plate glass front of the diner which has cracked and therefore letting the poisoness gas inside. They managed to escape into the loft of he building and amazing out of its roof. Back on the mountain Ed and the two women make for where he knows here will be an unmanned helicopter which amazingly Emily knows how to fly. She gets the craft going while Ed sets up the weapon not knowing it contains several warheads and is uncertain what part to aim for and it is then his sister remembers what their father has said and tells him to aims into its mouth. Because it is a multiple warhead they do not go directly to where aimed despite an official lock on and his body and but also one does enter the mouth and the creature and mountain top explodes. They see her father as they fly back over the town so there is happy ever after for the family and a blossoming relationship between Ed and Emily. So nice.

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