Sunday, 30 October 2011

The African Game

I will mention a film which had promise from the small advance information note but must be reported as the worst dubbed film of the past 100 years. The African Game is an Italian production with English voice overs.

Robert Hill is an assassin, the kind who is ultra professional and apparently emotionless about what he is doing. He does love his cat whose image opens the film as is the only noteworthy thing about the production. We see him conduct one such operation after making love to the female Mary Hari his immediate employer.

His next assignment is in Africa where on arrival he supplied with a satellite phone and a case of hardware. He attempts hire a jeep and finds that the only one available is driven by an exceptionally fast talkative young woman likely go down well with Italian audience, whose father was a gamekeeper killed by poachers and had planned to spend the weekend with her boyfriend also a game keeper.

She assumes that Robert is an office tourist on an adventure trip to see animals in the wild in Kenya. He insists they take an off road way to the area required used by poachers which makes it dangerous and then he insists on stopping outside the village designed as overnight tourist stop where he says they will camp and he drives off leaving the girl with a little water and food to spend the night among wild animals and poachers. He finds that the target is heavily guarded with a three vehicle armed escort so is unable to execute the mission. He returns to the camp and bribes the girl to take him to the main area for wild animal viewing, filming and photography and she shows him a quick route on the map which reduces the two hour journey by half. He again takes off leaving her alone.

He carries out the mission and they return to the capital where he pays her more to call at the Casino where the receptionist gives him a large sum of money and a case to carry out his fee for the killing. The girl gets a newspaper which announces the killing of the same man whose photograph she has discovered sticking out of the case of her client. She goes to challenge him in the Casino while the newspaper vendor goes to get a police man because she has not paid for the paper. As he leaves the Casino and the girl challenges him he suddenly realises that the case carries a bomb detonated by the Marta Hari but fortunate he flings it sufficiently away only to be injured in one arm as is the policeman called to the scene by the news vendor.

The girl takes him to a village community where his arm is treated but where they have tracked andtwo men attempt to beat out the information of there whereabouts. Robert uses his Satellite phone to send a photo of the attackers to a contact who is able to find out something of the individual before the two men are killed by the girl’s contact in the village. The information indicates that a neighbouring country has being using international aid to but arms and that the man killed was somehow involved. I could not work out if he was the gun runner or part of the UN team who were visiting to examine allegations of fund misappropriation. In any event the head man has a relative who works at the Embassy of the country concerned who they contact by phone for information but the call is traced and they are again pursued but this time by someone with a rocket launcher and they jump from the vehicle before it is hit and explodes.

In the subsequent fight Robert is mortally wounded and the girl has to kill one of the attackers to survive, Robert pleads with her to go to London to look after his cat that will by starving because he is away longer than anticipated giving her a wedge of notes before he dies. She does so and finds his stash of money in cat food tins sufficient for her to do the training she had mentioned to him for which she was saving working for the Jeep hire company.

Even in Italian the film is a million miles away from that created by Ken Loach in Route Irish.

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