Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I have also watched The Sorcerers Apprentice which has Nicolas Cage as one of Merlin’s three apprentices attempting to find the one person who defeat the evil Morgana le Fay who wants to destroy the whole of human kind by raising the undead. She has been imprisoned for over one thousand years (since AD 704) together with the love of his life and fellow apprentice Veronica. Veronica has embraced Morgana as the means of enabling Cage (Balthazar) to contain the creature in a kind of Russian doll, which grows in size as other nasty individuals have also been imprisoned as overlays over the decades by Balthazar, including Alfred Molina as Maxim Horvath.

In present day America (AD2000) a 10 year old geeky boy is attracted to a female pupil who reciprocates interest by responding to a note he gives her. However before he can read the note it is taken by the wind, a cycle, a dog and eventually into the doorway of a home filled with things ancient and extraordinary, the latest home of Balthazar who has grown weary of his quest to find Merlin’s heir.

Balthazar senses the boy has not entered his domain by accident and gives him the ring entrusted by Merlin to find a successor. The ring will come alive when the right person is found as it does with Dave. Having been told not to touch anything Dave full of curiosity releases Horvath from the container, the Grimhold, and the two Sorcerers do battle but fortunately they become imprisoned in another Hold for ten years but the container ejects water on to Dave giving the impression that he has wet himself from being lost until found by the school group and great amusement and his humiliation especially as they ridicule his account of the events unfolding within the building.

Ten years later Dave is a college student and a creative genius working on a conductive electro sound project which sets up a triangular interaction of electric flash currents and musical sounds, Unbeknown to him the hold has opened releasing Balthazar and Horvath who makes track for Dave to find out the location of the Grimhold. What happened is that as Dave left the building the Grimhold slipped from his grasp and been found by a Chinese woman and has been in China Town for the previous decade, its secret unknown.

Hovarth creates a pack of hounds to locate and capture Dave but Balthazar retaliates with a steel eagle with become alive. Balthazar attempts to explain to Dave that he is a great Sorcerer in the making and to teach him how to develop and make use of his powers. The complication is that he had encountered the former pupil, now also a university student who does a stint at a small radio station. Balthazar warns that any relationship before he has reached maturity will be a great risk to both of them. The Grimhold found the two Sorcerers do battle for its control, releasing some of the baddies who have been overlaid before Morgana and Veronica are reached. Hovarth enlists the assistance of a well known illusionist with actual supernatural powers.

Eventually both Sorcerers have periods in control of Grimhold and do battle with creatures released until the amalgam of the two former apprentices is released and Morgana gains her independence and sets about creating the end of human kind by creating a mechanism to release the undead. Dave and his girl friend each come to the rescue with the girlfriend preventing the conclusion of the undead rising from occurring and Dave finding a way to destroy Morgana with the Hovarth return to eternal imprisonment. Dave also finds a way of saving Balthazar who was willing to give up his life to save Veronica after she sacrificed herself to save him. The couples are to live happy ever after? Hmm. I see a sequel!

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