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8.15 I have 40 minutes or so to write about SALT. This Salt is the name of a thirty something young woman and not talks to prevent nuclear proliferation! The concept is well trodden. The Russians took selected babies to a secret academy where the children were brought up to become sleeper killer operatives to bring down the USA. The parents are told the children have died when in hospital. After indoctrination type training in which they learn to kiss the ring of the academy master- Pope Bishop fascination (?) the children are placed or replaced in American families in such a way, it is presumed that relatives do not realise the children have been switched, and are brought up in such a way that they become great operatives holding great positions such as chief security adviser to the President, a senior General NATO attaché and in the case of Angelina Jolie, a super CIA spy.

When the film opens Jolie is in North Korea denying she is a spy and being tortured. She is then exchanged for a North Korean in USA hands after pressure was exerted her husband. We later learn she married him because he was an expert in spiders and as such had entry into North Korea so she could accompany him on a trip and spy. Years later she is living contentedly in the USA with her husband who she has come to love dearly when she and her boss are about to leave for the weekend they are called back because a mysterious Russian has arrived wanting to talk saying he has got mind blowing info. He tells of the academy and a plan to launch an inside assault on the USA through operatives placed over the years. The day of reckoning is to commence with the killing of the Russian President who is to attend the funeral of the USA American Vice President because of a special relationship the two had together. The name of the person who will carry out the mission is SALT.

This sets the cat among the pigeons and while Angelina is held when they find that her parents were killed in a car crash in Paris when she was preteen child, the Russian kills the two agents in the lift taking him somewhere and escapes the building. We later learn he is based on barge in the river accompanied by a number other previously secret placements who have been assembled for the day of reckoning when they will take over their homeland and also bring down to the USA.

Jolie also escapes from the building because she is concerned about the position of her husband. The film enters into action mode with spectacular chases in which Jolie jumps off motorway bridges onto and between lorries and other fast moving vehicles and eventual gets away from the police while in a moving vehicle and handcuffed. Leading the chase is her big cheese boss and another CIA man who appears to be internal security chief. He is convinced Jolie is a wrong un while her immediate boss is not. She manages to escapes them from her home when we see evidence that her husband has been taken and that she equips herself with the tricks of the trade and also taken venom from a spider which she inserts into a tranquilliser type of gun.

9 am Have taken car out and found that the temperature is going to reach 90 degree to day and tomorrow before cooler weather comes in from the west so looks as if we could get at least a couple of days rain free cricket from Monday as well as ideal condition today. Will finish the writing while starting the recording of BBC 2 HD Glastonbury which started with only one number of he bluest Glaswegian Paulo Nutrini. Someone called Black does in garden number. Janelle Monáe USA all black group in Black and white. Described as amazing (rubbish).
Friendly Fires from St Albans on the Other stage. Back to the film

Of course everything Jolie does is incredulous but it is great fun as she evades a no stop underground train stop and armed with maps of the tunnels under the church where the funeral is taking place and of course the security forces are all above ground and no one thought of patrolling the tunnels etc.. She manages to create mayhem and appears to have killed the Russian President. She is captured but misses out on the opportunity to kill the CIA internal security man. She escapes from the police cars while handcuffed.

She makes her way to a prearranged meet with the Russians although it is not explained how she knew this. He takes her to the barge where he executes her husband to gauge her reactions. She executes him and all the others present after learning of her next assignment and the plan

The plan is to meet a General with access to the White House National Security briefing and to create a situation which will result in he President going to control centre below the White House and gain control of nuclear rocket launching. Hmmn. To do this she uses a false face Mask, teeth, eyes etc and identify to get in as a male assistant to the General. What happens is that the General with Jolie help creates a situation within the White House which results in the President making for the secure control centre followed by Jolie after the General blows himself rather than be captured after Jolie drops in it as they say. Down below the President agrees to go the pre Nuclear attack mode because the Russians have been getting ready although why they should is not explained as the President is back home having recovered from the temporary paralysis and the Russians would have been told about the background to what was a one person assault on behalf of a rogue Russian.

It is at this point we have what is supposed to be the surprising twist as it emerges that Jolie’s boss is the prime Russian former child secret placement agent who now kills everyone in the bunker except the President who he uses to set in motion a nuclear attack on two middle Muslim East Countries thus create warfare between the Muslim World and the USA. It was intended that Jolie, given her special skills would also get to the scene where after the attack is launched her boss would kill her and be the hero thus being in a position of power with the New USA president who in one version of the film was also a Russian secret placement. Why Jolie did not know in advance he was another placement is because he was in a more senior group to her and for some reason although they were in the same academy they were never introduced although she did recognise others from her class. Although she manages to stop the nuclear strike she is captured and blamed by her boss for the deaths including that of the President. However when taken away she manages to break free to kill her boss and then persuades the CIA security man she saved the world after her fingerprints were found at the barge along with the Russian academy organiser and other dead operatives. She is then allowed to break free and jump into the Potomac River after explaining that there are more people like her still in the USA and that she intends to kill them all with his help. Great rubbish as they say.

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