Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cash ( short note)

14.00 Watch film Cash with Sean Bean Chris Hemsworth and Victoria Profeta, Sean visits his brother in prison also Sean who has who has thrown 625000 dollars in a suitcase from car over fly over when chased by police. The suitcase lands on the car of Hemsworth who on finding the money takes home to wife and they pay off arrears of mortgage to save home then refurnish and deposit rest ion banks plus asking mother to hold a box with quarter of a million.

Bean plays a ruthless obsessional maniac determined to retrieve every penny of the money owed which leads to forcing the couple to rob to replace money used on furniture and other spends. In the end Hemsworth kills Bean disposing of body and car in the crusher and after returning all the stolen money with a compensation bonus for two people who were temporarily hurt the keep the rest.

The film leaves open a sequel with Bean the brother seeking to find out what happened to the sibling and the money.

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