Monday, 6 June 2011

Command Performance

14.30 Watch an awful film called Command Performance Directed and starring Dolph Lungren, the hulk as a drummer former biker in the USA appearing as a concert opener for an American teen star called Venus in Moscow attended by the Russian President and his two pre teen daughters. The film begins with a Soviet History lesson as former President Mikhail Gobachev was able to foil a coup in 1991 by traditional hard liners.

The point of the film is that a decade or so later the son of one of the plotters, a General who shoots his wife and then himself rather than be captured returns to seek revenge with remnants supporting the old order. They achieve bloody mayhem killing all the Presidential security bar one and a large number of concert goers before they can escape. The President’s two daughters, one is played by Dolph’s daughter in her first screen performance, are held separately from the President and the USA Ambassador. Dolph who was having a quiet smoke when the insurrection and mayhem takes place joins forces with the surviving security man and gain access to weapons and rescue the hostages killing many along the way. In the finale Dolph has to engage in personal combat with the son of the former coup plotter who holds the remote to explosives tired to one of the President’s daughters. In the last scene the security man is given Russia’s highest award and Dolph and expensive present before he gets into a car with Venus with whom he has established an unlikely relationship.

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