Monday, 6 April 2009


Feeling pleased with myself I decided to take in the penultimate performance of Atonement at Bolden Cineworld where I had a voucher via my credit card for a free adult ticket. There was time to complete a letter, although could I find a photograph to be included, and then to stop in town for a copy of the Mail and the next episodes of the Great War DVD , then rushing to buy the ticket and decided to treat myself to a few sweets, had to be few given the in-house price at cinemas and took my seat. I thought there was a longer gap than anticipated before the film commenced and the audience was larger than expected and when the film commenced I was not sure if I was at the wrong screen or this was an extra.

Anyway the film looked fun so I stayed with it. Afterwards I realised that I had followed the two people before me in the queue who had said I thought number four listed film which was Atonement. When in fact they must have said Screen 4. And the film? An adult fairy tale with genuinely funny jokes especially from Robert De Nero who appears about midway and then Ricky Gervais who I have not found funny, especially at the Concert for Diana. His cameo role produced out loud laughter from me. Although the film has been declared suitable for those of 8 years and older, it is the Harry Potter dimension of nasties, but with more romantic and less romantic themes as well as bad witches, and unscrupulous baddies, but highly suitable for old fogies, especially those who like old fashion story type films where the contemporary cleverness tricks are an integral part and not the other ways round. For some reason I thought the film was called Starburst but when I could gain no internet reference I checked again and it is Stardust.

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