Monday, 20 April 2009

A Shot at Glory

I have just watched one of the better films about football and the fans and supporters of lower division clubs although it was full of clich├ęs, it hit the right note, including sound track by Mark Knofler and was a cut above the usual for this genre by a great performance by Robert Duvall, and a supporting cast heavyweight Brian Cox. Through out the film I knew I knew the co star but it was only afterwards I realised he was one of the great Scottish centre forwards of all time Ally McCoist of Rangers who I first saw play as a young lad at Sunderland where he never delivered the high expectation until he went back to his homeland, subsequently following his career as a consequence, enjoying his commentating and pleasantly surprised to find that he was also able to act. Ally played at Ranger for 15 years 581 appearances and 355 goals, winning 8 league titles 9 League cups but only 1 Scottish Cup. He played 61 games for Scotland and after retirement in 1998 he became a TV commentator and pundit until earlier this year he went into Management as an Assistant to Walter Smith at where, Rangers, where else!

In the Robert Duvall never won anything as a player and missed out on big time management refusing to speak to his former colleague now manager of Rangers for two decades or his daughter who married someone of a different religion and where in Scotland Catholics supporting Celtic and the Orange Order Protestants Rangers (the role played by McCoist) who is bought in by a new owner who warns that if they do not get into the big time he will transport the team to Ireland. The team has become the talisman for the small Scottish town with a good Salmon river nearby and picturesque countryside. McCoist the actor has all the problems associated with get rich and famous players, drink dependency and a fierce temper, cannot resist the women who throw themselves at him or engage in fisticuffs with opposing fans, opposing players and anyone who insults or abuses him. However the team to win promotion from division two to one and then aim for the Premiership and get to the Cup Final, against who, why Rangers of course and then what happens you must see the film.

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