Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Liquidator

In fact after feeling that I was falling behind my original schedule for the week, the situation progressed rapidly. Last night I made a mess of printing the photos for Wearmouth and then decided that the writing needed some changes and then noticed a minor spelling error on the previous writing of the wartime for the history sequence. Having sorted this out and completed the writings for Sunday and to-days postings, I completed a run of 11 level 2 games against the computer in two session and closed the programme and promised myself to resist any inclination to reopen before tomorrow, however good I feel about myself and feeling of alertness. This I managed to do and this morning I completed games 11-20, forgetting that the target was 21 and this has now been accomplished.

My main occupation overnight was review existing information and undertake further research for Rivera the South Shields riverside section. This was a frustrating as I could not find two pieces of information, he number of merchant seamen from the town killed during World War Two together with the percentage of these who were Muslims. The other was the number of vehicles which used to be transported across the Tyne by the ferries compared with those now using the road Tunnel, given that preliminary work for the second Tunnel has commenced. Deciding on the photographs was enjoyable and the selection governed the structure of the writing which spilled on to four pages which affected the subsequent layout. I will do those on rocks and inlets next.

I have also attended to some of the in tray remembering to cancel the Ancestry UK Family History account noting that it could not have been automatically renewed because the number on my credit card had changed when reissued. I hope to go back to Ancestry sometime in the future although this may not be until the 2010 and ten census is made available. The UK subscription is excellent value because in addition to having all the published census information and a wide range of other databases the whole of the National index of registered births marriages and deaths is available, all on searchable databases.

The change is credit numbers also affected the ability to log on which needed a phone call and a special e mail. I then ordered some vouchers for free cinema tickets divided between Cineworld, the majority and a couple for Vue which is the chain at Croydon High Street. This reminds to check if there has been any progress in a south London Cineworld which I could visit by taking a train or the Tube train, There is one at Wandsworth where the current schedule includes four Bollywood films although the rest of the schedule is the same as that at West India Quay in London Docklands which I continue to visit having used on my trips to London for a number of years and then stopped when I upgraded the monthly pass to cover the West End. The extra expenditure of £36 was more than offset by seeing two major international films on each visit and in fact the savings largely paid for the rest of subscription so that I was significant in profit compared to the cost of buy individual tickets. The position changed when I loved my mother north and I found that to spent the subscription gong to see films which were more entertainment than art or otherwise challenging. With the returning to live theatre and concerts there was less inclination to go to the cinema unless I was confident about the quality of the film, especially as the internet mail DVD subscription was proving such good value, enabling to see the work individuals directors such as Ingmar Bergman and Almodovar.

There was time to keep one eye on The Liquidator, a silly spy romp of a film with Rod Taylor with a host of good actors such as Trevor Howard, Wilfred Howard White, Eric Sykes John Le Mesurier. David Tomlinson and Derek Nimmo. This light heartedness was what I needed to prepare for yet another political bombshell, before settling down to be impressed with the first of a short series of programmes about the Queen at Work, which included her most recent state visit to the United States, where they appreciate leaders and ceremonial more than the average Britisher who has come to be adversely affected by the portrayal of the Royal family in the media as dysfunctional. Apart from the Queen who was outstanding throughout and Prince Philip, the Royal reporter of the Sun did his position no harm. Then there was the question of free speech and the Oxford Union, and the imprisonment of a British Teacher in Aden for allowing her children to call a toy Mohamed, all subjects I will talk more about tomorrow, or begin later this evening when other things have been attended although there is St Pancras part 5 and the latest Spooks and perhaps the film Forty Shades of Blue

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