Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Assisi Undergorund

After a relaxed morning I thought disaster had struck. Since moving I have hot water and heating at the flick of a switch, although at a price, and then this morning I suspected the switch had fused or worse. I had to boil a kettle for the washing up. It took a few minutes to gather myself and determine the order of priorities for the rest of the day. There is another clear blue sky outside although the weather is changing on the west coastal and inland areas. We had the best of temperatures yesterday and the south east today. I will have to find out what the weather is going to be like for the cricket. I needed good soulful music.

Billie Holiday A to Z Volume 2
Don’t Explain
Easy Living
No Good Man
The Blues are brewin
Big Stuff
Where is the sun
I must have that man
Sun Showers
He ain’t got rhythm
The last affair
Let’s call the whole thing of
I am painting the town red
I wished on the moon
If you were mine
Twenty four hours a day
Life begins when you are in love
Miss Brown to you
Mandy is two
Am I blue
Let’s do it

My tendency when faced with a plethora of things to do which I do not fancy is to leave them all rather than work out an order of priority and work through that. Yesterday I tried to do better

I vacuumed the downstairs and paid off the credit card. Then it was time for a very boring job, sorting out the passwords for this and that, deleting removing ones no longer used or replaced and getting then in some kind of list. Then I had great success with sorting out the telephone account finding that I was over £80 in credit and this be paid direct into my bank account, I also reduced the monthly direct debit. Next week I shall concentrate on the gas and electricity account although I am less optimistic about a similar outcome.

I then spent the rest of the morning sorting our financial records and enjoyed three lamb chops with vegetables for lunch before tackling the heating and hot water problem. I first tried the switch before making the telephone call and it was working again, and has since.

Later I tackled set finishing and made good progress, maintaining the target of three new sets a day. I need to undertake some more photographing of completed sets as there is now a substantial backlog. I also need more artman cards.

I went to Wilkinsons’ in the hope of finding a replacement coffee filter pot without success and on return found that I and some filter papers, over five years old, and the filter paper holder which could make more than the one cup should the need arise and meanwhile I will continue to use the single cup filter pot which uses less coffee. At Azda I bought a gammon joint which I decided would make a better filling for rolls and which I cooked in the evening in readiness for the morrow. I bought some grapes, lettuce, milk, stir fry prepared vegetables, stir fry sauce, olives, ginger spice, crackers although may have lost one box perhaps it is still in the car! It was.

I paid attention to the politics show where the build up is for a savage middle income hitting budget and reduction in public expenditure. My bet if for major hits on the very rich to assuage public anger. I shall take a radio with me to the cricket just in case it is not shown in the Members lounge.

There was a fuss about the Prime Minister making a film for You Tube about his idea to abolish the second home allowance but instead pay members from out of London constituencies an attendance allowance. He then asked to the see the other party leaders to discuss the idea and theirs No one was fooled by this last minute attempt to wrestle the initiative away from the opposition and attempt to placate the angry masses

It is rare for a cinematic film to be faithful to the true story being depicted. Father Rufino Niccacci 1911 1967 was a friar and priest who became the Father Guardian of the Franciscan Monastery of San Damiano in Assisi. In 1943 he was directed by his Bishop Placido Nicolini (James Mason) and the secretary of the Bishop, Aldo Brunacci, who was also chairman of the Committee to Aid Refuges to provide help to Jews fleeing from the Nazi extermination. In the film, the Assisi Underground, Rufino is played by Be Cross and communicates his understandable concern at the implications of such a mission, not for himself but for the clergy and parishioners who would do the looking after, provide the false documentation and try and help them reach the allied forces who were making their way through Italy from the south. When the Germans made leaving the town almost impossible a total of 300 Jews were hidden in local monasteries and convents and in the homes of individual Catholic Parishioners who all risked execution for what they were doing. As Ronald Regan former US President remarked at a gathering of Holocaust survivors in 1983, a slip of the tongue by anyone could have condemned the entire community to the camps, yet they did not yield.

Billie Holiday A to Z volume 3
My Man
Easy Living
Travelling Alone
I’ll get by
My First Impression

After the war he founded a small community of destitute Christians and Jews near to Assisi and later became the parish priest at his birthplace town of Deruta where after his death a street was named in his memory. A year after his death a book was published on his experiences written by Alexander Remati who went on to direct the film

When a woman loves a man
I’m gonna lock my heart
On the sentimental side
You can’t be mine
I can’t believe that your
If I were you

It is impossible know if the priest was satisfied with the portrayal of his role which goes a considerable way to reminding that there were many priests in Europe, including Germany who sacrificed their lives in the true practice of the Christian faith and the film states that some 30000 priests were executed by the Nazi regime. In the film the local commander is portrayed as a Catholic with an understanding of the importance of city and does what he can to protect the church and the priest, together with the city which the German High Command wanted devastated before their departure.

I’m pulling through
I’m all for you
Some other Spring
You are just a no account
You are so desirable
Say it with a kiss

There are two matters which are factual. One of the nuns at her convent is played by Alessandra Mussolini born 1962. The grand daughter of Mussolini became a controversial conservative politician and is at present a member of European Parliament. Sophia Loren is her aunt. She was educated at the American Overseas High school in Rome and is a graduate of Rimini. She has three daughters and a son Benito who has also taken her maiden name. She also won a Golden Globe for A special Day in 1977

Under a blue jungle moon
Hell my darling
More than you know

The second fact is that the portrayal of the Italian International cyclist during the war is accurate. Gino Bartelli 1914-2000 won the Tour de France 1938 and the Giro Italia in 1936 and 1937.

Georgio Nissim, a Jewish Italian, founded an organisation to help Jews escape the persecution, after meeting the Pope and with the help of the Archbishop of Genoa and the Franciscan friars. After his death his sons discovered from his diaries that Bartali had used his training runs to visit where the Jews were hiding, and collected the photographs needed for the forged identity papers and travel permits. He also used his position to learn when the Germans were raiding safe houses and warn those at risk. He also assisted Assisi underground and helped in the escape of Jews heading for the Swiss border. Regardless of the risks there are always human being prepared to risk and give their lives because of beliefs, for the welfare of others or as in the case of Rufino and Bartali, because it was the right thing to do at the time, and the situation in which they found themselves.

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