Thursday, 24 January 2013

Secrets of an Undercover Wife

I will not spend too much time on the implausible Secrets of an Undercover wife, On her wedding day the husband is arrest, charged and convicted of fraud and murder. The wife is convinced he is innocent and despite the protestations of her best friend a lawyer and her husband she decides to go it alone to uncover the truth, She learns that the FBI know he was innocent of the particular crimes as the firm he had set up was taken over by the Mob for the  purposes of money laundering and they had hoped his arrest would lead to catching the bigger fish.   She gets a low level job at a  firm where the mob are thought to have a major interest and she meets the Deputy CEO a single man who takes an immediate shine. Ignoring the advice of and  potential help of the FBI but with the help of her friend  she sets out to get the evidence on tape of the deputy CEO where she has become his personal assistant  to admit his involvement on tape as the employer of the partner of her husband who was responsible for the dirty deeds.. She is found out and instead of being killed on the spot is taken by his private jet to the Cayman island where also is  his father a wanted head of a Mafia family a very sick man has been hiding out. Fortunately before she is killed her friend arrives as does the FBI and because they are outside of jurisdiction the friend is able to take back the Deputy CEO his father to the Sates where they can claim the $1 million reward for the wanted man.  The husband is released for the jail for happy ever afters. Ridiculous.

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