Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Encore (1951)

Encore (1951) included The Ant and Grasshopper in which Nigel Patrick also featured scroungers from his hard work brother (Roland Culver) When Culver attempts to turn off the tap he is approached by a car dealer who says that eh brother has stolen one of his cars and to protect the man and the family he makes good the loss although in reality it is a fraud and the  car dealer and the brother have split the money between them. While staying at seaside hotel living it up he meets a woman claiming to be very rich and fed up with men lying about their positions to gain her favour. The brother admits he has been a scoundrel but this has the effect of drawing him closer to the woman and they become engaged. This enables him to pay back his brother who bemoans the fact that he is having to sell of the family estate  to live while his brother is now able to lead the good life. The brother discloses that his wife is going to but up the family estate,

In the Winter Cruise Kay Walsh plays  a woman who will not stop chattering to the  frustration and boredom of the ship’s crew and other passengers. John Laurie has  a part in the film but it is Ronald Squire,, the ship’s doctor who  hits on the plan for a steward to have an affair with Walsh to keep her quiet on the way home from Caribbean.  Walsh admits  that she knows it is a scheme but is happy to go along and enjoys the affair.

Terence Morgan and Glynis Johns are the stars of Gigolo and Gigollette with a dangerous night club act which involves  diving into a water tank . In order to avoid  having to continue with  the act after learning  of the misfortunes of others she gamblers and loses their savings to the anger of her husband. Despite her fear she decides to undertake the second and more dangerous  dive of the night as a consequence and her husband rushes to stop her, but too late. Fortunately the dive is successful and her fear is conquered.

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