Monday, 14 January 2013

7th Cavalry

Now for two they do not make films like they used to. The first is 7th Cavalry with an aged Randolph Scott. He appear as old as the father of his bride to be played by Barbara Hale.

He has been ordered by his boss Colonel Custer to go an get his fiancée whose father Colonel Kellogg ( I kid you not) is opposed to the association having discovered that  Scott as Captain Tom Benson commander of a 7th Cavalry was a Jack the lad gambler of no background unlike the usual West Point officer class. He returns to the home fort to find that Custer has taken two units including his own in his misguided attempt to round up the American owners of the land they have occupied and had been defeated and  all killed. Left at the fort and a few riff raff and a little later another badly beaten unit who had engaged another group of American land owners.

The surviving officers and most  of the men have no time for Scott believing he ran out after learning of Custer’s intentions after his chief had been ordered to stay put, His fiancée father is put in charge of the Board of Inquiry investigating what happened, critical of all those who  did not die alongside Custer, a particularly Scott who in charge of the all the worst jobs. Then Washington tells the Colonel they are  to go and bury the men and bring back the officers. This is a suicide mission of the  land owner have already declared the land sacred, believing  that the spirits of the conquered dead have already enhanced the living.

Scot volunteers insisting on taking on other volunteers, the riff raff who he press gangs into volunteering. Scott survives  various rebellions and on reaching the site of massacre they find everyone has been buried which makes the task of bring back the officers difficult with digging up all the remains to find out who is what. Meanwhile they are surrounded by the local landowners who politely tell them to they are trespassing and will be killed if they do not go quietly. Then they have a miracle, Five In fact two in quick succession. First a soldier is able to clear Scott from the likely finds of the Board of Inquiry because he was a witness to Custer ordering Scott to go for his fiancée, Then the man decides to go off on his own  to tell the glad tidings, then he chooses to ride a horse that looks exactly like that ridden and buried of Colonel Custer, then he get within spitting distance of the stand off to be killed by a sole Brave so that the  riderless horse then appears as a sign that the spirit of Custer wants his body to take back with his fellow officers.  Scott returns home the hero and is approved of as a son in law. Ho Ho Hop what fun

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