Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Magnificent Showman

A film with an overlapping theme is The Magnificent Showman a vehicle for John Wayne and Rita Hayworth back in 1965. The film is primarily about the struggle of Wayne to produce a three ring Circus which was a fashion at the time and where I remember attending a performance of one such event in the Croydon area in the 1950’s or even may have been the late 1940’s. He has with him the orphan of a famous aerialist who died and whose mother has disappeared. The Circus has its problems caused unknown Wayne by the friend of dead man who blames the boss for the death.

The truth is that Wayne and Hayworth had an affair with the girl being their daughter, when the father had an accident Hayworth runs off from the guilt. She returns to see her daughter and at first Wayne is concerned that the daughter should find out. As one might expect in the end Wayne Haworth and the girl become happy families but not after there is second fortunately unsuccessful attempt to burn the Circus down by the resentful friend of the dead man. The daughter becomes a aerialist much to horror of Wayne but is reconciled when she is shown to be as talented as her mother.


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