Sunday, 28 October 2012

Jane Eyre 2011

I nearly went to see the 2011 version of Jane Eyre in theatre and thought I had written a review after seeing the film on TV in early October. Cinema films were made in 1934, 1944 with Jane Fontaine (seen) 1956, 1960 with Susannah York 1996 1997 (seen) and now 2011 with Mia Wasikowska plus a mini series in 2006 1983 and back in 1973 with Sorca Cusack. I have visited the parsonage where the Bronte sisters were raised to young women as well as walking the Moors which feature in Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights and viewed several TV programmes about the Bronte sisters and their impact on English literature and the role of women.

The film is an excellent addition although I am not certain if it follows the book which I read many moons ago and have found in the library and added to the titles to be read over coming months although well back in the queue. Jane is brought up in a family where in modern parlance she is abused by everyone and when she stands up for herself she is packed off to a harsh residential establishment for the training and discipline for young women, where she has an even harder time, but survives to be appointed the governess of an orphan French girl at the castle like home of one Mr Rochester and his housekeeper Alice Fairfax.

When Rochester returns from one of his many travels he takes to Jane because of her independent spirit and in time decides she is the one to marry than another young woman part of the County set who he invites at one point to his home.

When the couple are to be married, someone intervenes at the ceremony to say that Rochester is already married and is the severely mentally disturbed woman who Rochester cares for secretly in an otherwise unoccupied part of the home. Jane has already rescued Rochester from certain death with his wife attempted to burn the house down Jane goes off in distress which deepens as she wonders the moors and weather deteriorates. She is taken in by a would be missionary and his two sisters who finds her work teaching at the local school. He sets his sights on her and is disappointed when she rejects his sincere wishes to marry her.

Jane has discovered she has become a wealthy woman after her aunt yields a letter on her deathbed sent by a relative of Jayne who has made a fortune in the West Indies and has attempted to locate his only known relative. She inherits when the man dies.

When she returns Thornfield Hall, Rochester‘s home, she finds it has substantially burned down. Rochester is blinded in the blaze which also killed his wife. With money of her own and the right social background she is now free to marry and to care for the man in a role reversal situation.

Please write an essay of 1000 words explaining what Jane Eye and Chalet Girl have in common.

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