Sunday, 28 October 2012

Johnny English Reborn

In mid September I watched Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English Reborn and confess that apart from the last episodes of Black Adder I failed to find his brand humour entertaining once one had got over marvelling at his facial expressions and ability to communicate without words which remains outstanding. The problem has always been the scripts.

The film is meant to be a Spy spoof of the James Bond Genre which celebrates half a century of films, all on Sky if you chose and with the latest Skyfall packing em in cinemas this weekend. I cannot remember anything of the original film made eight years ago and here he starts learning martial in Tibet having been exiled after a failed mission in Mozambique where the head of state he was supposed to protect is assassinated.

However he is summoned back by the new boss Pegasus Gillian Anderson (M17) to stop a plot to kill the Chinese Premier during talks with the British Prime Minister. Although Johnny was highly regarded within the service he looks up to another agent who from the outset is the baddie although Johnny is such a stupid man that he fails to see what is obvious especially to his new recruit assistant.

As you will appreciate I found the character awful, irritating and deserving of every nasty thing that happens to him. Fortunately his assistant is OK and misguidedly helps Johnny to survive but why escapes me. Johnny is tested by a behavioural psychologist who amazingly develops a thing for Johnny and also helps in his rehabilitation and eventual success.

What emerges is that those behind the planned assassination are the same as in Mozambique and use a behaviour controlling drug initially going to be used on the boss of M17 but is then Johnny. He appears to die saving the Premier but survives through a kiss from the psychologist. There is a scene at the end at Buckingham Palace where Johnny is to be knighted for his services and mistakes the real Queen for a villain who has disguised herself as the Queen. Silly rubbish all the way and I did not find anything funny.

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