Wednesday, 8 February 2012


The fifth was one of the great disappointments when it was first released and viewed in Theatre back in the early 1960’s. L’Avventura was directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and features Monica Vitti in the main role of young woman who is best friend of another young woman who has disappeared and she falls in love with the boyfriend when they try to find out what has happened. The films lasts 145 mins and is full intended depth and stylised shots which failed to engage or impress me them, let alone now. The film is regarded by many as important in development an approach to use photography to communicate feelings more than words.

In terms of story we never know what happened to the original girl friend and in fact concern for her appears to quickly depart from the young man and while the best friend feels guilt at first she quickly allows her needs and passions to dominate her consciousness. The characters as with many in Italian films of this era appear to led empty self obsessed lives with no interest in the political and social concerns of their countrymen and the world at large. The relationship between the central characters has its ups and downs especially when Vitti finds the boyfriend with a prostitute. He appears disgusted with himself and Vitti appears to forgive him. Symbolically Mount Etna which I have visits at its rim, looks ready to erupt once more

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