Thursday, 16 February 2012

Battle Los Angeles

This accolade goes to Battle Los Angeles. The world is led to believes that an meteorite shower is expected to fall largely off cost and then on the seaboards and then it transpires these are sprayed weapons of Alien invaders. They have drone fighters that can target onto any electrical device and they have super personal fighters which remind of the super fighters in Avatar while the individual aliens appear mixtures of being an instrunemtn rather like the Borg’s. The onoy way to take on what is evidently superior fighting force in numbers and equiment is to blanket bomb the area they ghee gained although why this should work is not explained. In such a situation we are asked to accept the ludicrous proposition tat a band of highly trained professional soldiers would be tasked to rescue a few civilians taking shelter in a local police station where the police are long gone or killed.

Almost all the film comprises the attempt of these men to complete the mission and includes someone who had put in for his release papers after combat experience and a training role. The civilian father of a young boy dies and so too do several of the soldiers. They not only rescue the remaining civilians before the obliteration bombs but manage to work out how best to attack kill individuals and they also destroy a Command and Control Centre.
And that is about it.

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