Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Shrek Forever After

As an antidote to the reality of life in the capital I watched the fourth Shrek film Shrek Forever After. This is an animated series about the adventures of an ogre with the voices of Mike Myers as Shrek, Eddie Murphy as he Donkey, Cameron Diaz as his wife Princess Fiona, Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots and in this film Julie Andrew as the mother and John Cleese as the father of the Princess and Ryan Seacrest as Butter Pants father!

In this film Shrek has become bored with family life and that the population of Far Far Away Land and longs to be feared as he once was as an Ogre. The altercation between Shrek his wife and family is observe red by the evil Rumpel of Rumpelstiltskin who is still resentful that it was the efforts of Shrek which prevented him taking over the Far Far away Land as her parents were prepared to sign away their kingdom to him if he saved their daughter. As Shrek goes off to try and reclaim his sense of being an Ogre he is befriended and tricked into signing a document which gives Rumpel a day, any day of his choosing from his life to date in exchange for a day of being a feared ogre once more.

It is only after signing that he realises the day being surrendered is his birthday so that in effect he is yielding the rest of his life as it has been and he finds himself in a land with Rumpel and a horde of witches all out of Somewhere over the Rainbow, running the country in which the Ogres are either slaves or living underground literally as a movement led by the Princess who in these circumstances has no knowledge of Shrek or their relationship and family in the other dimensions.

Shrek discovering the trick that was played on him by Rumpel then earns that there only one thing which can stop him disappearing from existence during the day of being an ogre that is for the Princess to give him a kiss, but with the catch that she must be in love with him. After various incidents in which Shrek surrenders himself to ensure the release of captured ogres and Princess Fiona is also captured and are to be fed to a dragon, but their friends come to their aid and as consequence Fiona kisses Shrek and he returns to the present with Fiona and the children unaware of what has happened. The film features a long tailpiece with various scenes as the fullest details of the characters, the voices; the technical workers are listed slowly. It is one of the longest end pieces I have witnessed.

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