Tuesday, 8 February 2011

St Valentine's Day Murder

The provision of entertaining fun is not the intention of the film about the St Valentine’s day Massacre selected for showing along with the start of the Boardwalk Empire here in the UK. The massacre involved the shooting of five members of the Irish North side Chicago gang led by Bugs Moran by other gangsters working on behalf of Al Capone’s Italian Mafia. Two others were murdered. One a self employed mechanic who accepted jobs with the gang to feed his wife and seven children and someone who can be described as a gang groupie. The intention of the raid had been to kill Moran after Capone lost his temper with the intrusion of the North side gang in what he regarded as his territory.

One of the historical mysteries is the identities of two men who posed as policemen to gain entry to the location where the those murdered were assembled in preparation for an attack on Capone. The film creates two individuals who remain unknown, The film also shows Capone personally executing a Mafia senior after he had connived in the murder of a top Mafia boss in Chicago because he was a friend of Capone. Joe Aiello was turned by Moran in his attempt to take over Capone before Capone took over him. It was Capone’s men who did the killing and the event occurred after the massacre. The massacre took place in a Canadian nightclub and not against the wall of a garage in Chicago.

The film does recreate Moran’s attempt to kill Capone as he was dining at his favourite restaurant when a score of cars went by the front of the restaurant in groups of three or four from which gunmen with Tommy gins showered the entrance doors and widows with bullets. Amazingly no one is shown to have been killed in the film. There is also one of those amazing funeral scenes in which their huge banks of flowers including one from Capone who had arranged the killing. A voice in the background tells the cinema goer basic facts about the various gangster what happened to them with the exception of two whose details were removed at the request of surviving family members(Wikipedia).

I watched the film despite my reservations about such films and the glorification of murderers and their criminality for entertainment purposes because of making my assessment of the first two episodes of the award winning Boardwalk Empire and where the third episode, reduced to one hour including adverts, was shown on Saturday evening.

When Nucky finds out that one of the New York’s mob’s men killed by his protégé Jimmy has been found alive he arranges for the man to be killed by his police chief brother. The killing is stopped as Federal agents arrive and bluff their way to taking the man with them out of the clutches of the locals. The man initially refuses to “rat” on his killers, a feature of era when the law was the common enemy and the gangsters preferred to settle their disputes themselves. However the information is provided which enables Jimmy to be identified but when the information is communicated upwards it is sat on passed back to Nucky who arranges for Jimmy to leave his “wife” and children and go West. The information is also passed on to the New York gang led by Rothstein. Rothstein shares the information with Lucky Luciano that it was Jimmy and one other who killed the nephew of his sister in law and suggests that Jimmy is captured and made to reveal the other individual.

Before this Jimmy had become incensed on finding that while he was away in the way his wife and son had become friendly with a photographer and his wife and she had taken an alluring photo which had been sent to him. He now goes off as instructed by Nucky without explaining to his wife and children why or giving her the money for her care. Instead of going West Jimmy heads for Chicago.

Nucky has also arranged for the Irish widow he fancies to get a job in a French dress salon. She is required to wear the dresses and aid he customers in trying them on and this enables shots of underwear and flesh. Nucky’s current show girl/actress whore cones for a fitting and realises that her man has a new interest. The man who ran the funeral home whisky diluting scam goes to see his bosses to say that Nucky gave away their racket to his black friend. They say that the man remains financially accountable.

Nucky has been forced to strike a hard deal with the new owner manager of the scam. They then find one of the employees killed in what appears to be a race murder. However they do not want an escalating race in election year so the hanged employee is shot and the situation made to look that he was killed by a jealous husband. Nucky unintentionally leaves a potential damaging set of footprints behind. . As before does anyone care about any of this? I do not but will continue to at least flip through in the

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