Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Missionary Man

I stayed up last night to watch Missionary Man with Dolph Lundgren in the title role as a mystical, (is he a human super hero) bible reader when he is not achieving judicial slaughter.

The scene is a North American Indian reservation which is dominated by a Mafia style warlord terrorist who in addition to drug running and trade has done a deal with a New York mob to run a Casino. Guilt legislation, won’t bother to look up when, was passed in the USA which made it legal for native Americans to operate Casino’s on their reservations adding to the tourist attraction options. The Chief has done a deal with the local terrorist boss which see the alleged drowning of the of the reservation Councillor in opposition because he believes they can make more money and avoid the negative potential by operating the Casino themselves without outside help. His funeral is the occasion for the arrival of Lundgren called Ryder in the film.

Before arrival to read a passage from the bible to the gratitude of the man’s wife, teenager daughter and son and grandfather he run into the men of the local warlord beating up a drug addict for the money he owes. The local sheriff and his deputies are afraid of the mobster and tend to do what he requires, as does everyone else with any sense of survival. After paying his respects Dolph makes himself at home drinking Tequila and riding about in his 1970’s Harley Davidson. The mobsters fail to find out the relationship between Dolph and the dead man and keep a close eye on his movements.

When the teenage daughter presses the Sherriff to investigate her father’s death because although he was said to have bought a case of beer, got drunk and fell into the river he was teetotal, the Sheriff says there is nothing further he can do. The mobsters then roughly threaten the girl having warned off the younger brother. Dolph arrives and gives the men a sound beating, smashing up their 4 x 4 and making them run off with their trousers around their ankles.

When the reservation Chief is forced to veto the Casino project because of the wishes of the widow and her daughter the situation is ready to explode. Meanwhile the warlord has a plan to rob visiting Mexicans of their drugs without handing over money. There is a killing sequence during which the the young drug taker, previously rescued by Dolph escape with a gunshot injury and makes his way to the homes of murdered Council members for assistance. This is the cue for large gang of motorbike heavies from the North to arrive to assist the warlord in ridding the town of Dolph and the family opposing his interests. By this time the Sheriff and his deputies have come on side with the consequence that the two deputies are killed. After he has killed all the baddies he rides off.

His rescuing of the daughter results in she having a crush on him and is upset when she and her brother are taken to safe place by grandfather on instructions of Dolph. She comes into town despite this fearing the worst on learning of developments and believing that she will not see him again. She arrives to see him riding off on his bike.

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