Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Iron Eagle

There was a slight connection between Missionary Man and the disappointing lunchtime view called Iron Eagle. There was much flying of an Eagle over the reservation. As the title suggests the Iron Eagle is a USAF jet plane armed to the hilt. I was attracted to this film because among those listed as participating was Poirot Davis Suchet and story appeared to be that of a pilot son rescuing his father who had been take prisoner after his plane has been shot down.

What I quickly discovered is that this was the first of four other films in a series of adventures of a high school boy who is one of those unbelievable normal characters, good son to young brother and sister, has girl friend, open topped fast car and has close network of other vase kids as well as contact with their pilot dads, is allowed to spend hours in flight stimulator prior to Air academy and appears to gave his own light plane which he is able to use at will.

He learns that he has not been accepted at the Academy because of poor general grades and tendency to get into fights and any trouble that is going around, on the day that his father on a routine mission flying over disputed zone between unnamed Arab nation and a friendly nation when they are attacked and he is downed, taken prison and put on immediate trail and sentenced. The anticipation of the USA government is that this was a bargaining move by the Arab nation and therefore they will wait for the negotiating demand. What they do not appreciate is that action has been taken by a rogue command Airforce warlord who wants to prove himself against the world power.

Frustrated by the satiation and fearful for his father the young lad used his friends on the base to gain all the intelligence ewquired for a special mission to rescue his father. That he is able to do this must be worrying for the USA authorities given the apparent ease. He then persuades the friend of his father who appears to be the station commander to go on the mission involving a two craft strike. After the initial skirmish when their planes are detected despite radar jamming and flying low, the professional and experienced pilot commander is hit and has to abandon his plane in the Mediterranean sea while the just graduated, end fo year Prom failed cadet entrant carries out the mission on his own. This involves lots of blowing things up on the ground, fights with enemy Russian built jets and persuading the warlord to bring his father from prison and place him at the end of the runway on his won. This is a trap and a marksman tries to kill the father but manages to only to injure him so he is able to get on board the aircraft and using a special fire bomb prevents the attacking ground military vehicles and security forces stopping them take off. Just when they are being overwhelmed there is a flight from home to forces the remaining MIGs to return to base the mad warlord type of commanding officer having been blown up by the lad. By this time I had worked out that this no more than a video game with incredulous ending as the two man rescue is told that no action will be taken because of the international bad publicity that would emerge and the boy is given his place in the academy and all three, father, son and commander are flown home on the Presidential plane to be greeted as heroes by their friends, family and national media.

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