Monday, 20 December 2010

Step Brothers and St Trinian Gold

The Saturday before Christmas 2010, the 18th of December was a monumental failure to achieve objectives set for the day. I did rise early and swim 54 length, spending little time reading the paper in the hotel lounge, full edition but I could not settle after reading how bad the weather had again become over much of the British Isles. I realised that it was increasingly unlikely I would be able to get away for Christmas, or if I did set off I could face a horrendous journey which I would not be able to cope with.

At lunchtime I enjoyed the Sunderland home game against Bolton on Sky, especially when the lead was taken. There were several opportunities to extend this but the failure to do so meant that Bolton then had several opportunities to equalize but players on both side miskicked or met determined defences. Because of a dramatic snow fall in many parts of the country a number of football matches were called off to prevent fans having to travel in the atrocious road conditions. Because of this Sunderland rose to sixth in the table with their win and on equal points with Spurs who have a game in hand

I watched a remake of the film Stagecoach which I enjoyed and then in the evening enjoyed the final two sessions of Strictly Come Dancing in which the three deserving couples were reduced to two after the first hour session when they each danced twice Pamela Stevenson has gained many admirers as the dancing grandmother, professional clinical psychologist aged 61 who lost two dress sizes during the contest and found herself again, as she admitted in terms of enjoying public performance and recognition. She disappointed with the speciality dance concentrating on a mixture of the best dance forms unlike the other two couple who went in for spectacular gymnastics and rightly obtained the public support to contest the second and final session of two dances, one a repeat of what they regarded as their best and the fourth of the evening a routine they had not performed before. Not that given her age and frame Pamela could do anything else. She appeared to find the coming third difficult and did not reappear during the final session or finale. The winner was justifiable the most beautiful and athletic performer although even she had several technical hitches which prevented top notch marks. The following information on the inner comes from the Official Strictly site

At the age of 7, Kara Tointon started to go to speech and drama lessons at school. She did LAMDA exams and entered local music festivals doing poetry recitals. Her first acting experience was playing the part of Brigitta in The Sound of Music at the Cliffs Pavilion in Essex for the local amateur dramatic society. Her first paid job was in the panto Snow White at the age of 11 - she was one of the child dancers. Her first TV appearance was in EastEnders in 1994 as an extra, playing Sonia's school friend. In 2000 after leaving school, she won a part in the Channel 4 drama Teachers. It was this job that convinced Kara that she should make acting her full-time career. In 2002, Kara appeared in Dinotopia, followed in 2004 by a role in Mile High. She then joined the cast of Dream Team as Gina Moliano, a role she played until 2005. Almost as soon as she left Dream Team it was announced she would be joining EastEnders as Dawn Swann, the sister of Mickey Miller (Joe Swash). During her four years on EastEnders, Kara's character conned the residents of Albert Square into paying for breast implants, was kidnapped and held hostage by her lover who planned to give her an enforced caesarean, had a brief affair with Phil Mitchell, and was involved in a long-running 'will-they-won't-they' plotline with Garry Hobbs (played by last year's Strictly contestant Ricky Groves). Kara left EastEnders in 2009, saying she would love to return one day. In 2008, Kara took part in the Sport Relief version of Strictly, partnering Mark Ramprakash, and won. Kara was born in Basildon in Essex. Her younger sister Hannah is also an actress and has appeared in Hollyoaks. She dated James Bourne from the band Busted from the age of 15 until she won her role on EastEnders. She briefly dated James Alexandrou (Martin Fowler) before going out with Joe Swash (Mickey Miller) in 2008 just before he took part in I'm A Celebrity. They split in May 2010, and Kara is currently single.
If she wasn't an actress, Kara says she would have gone to Art College instead. She's 27 years old and is 5' 5" tall. As well as winning the Sexiest Actress gong at the National Soap Awards in 2008, Kara was also nominated for 'Most Popular Actress' at the National Television Awards in 2007. She has appeared in adverts for McDonalds and Diamond, and in 2009 she was unveiled as the face of Michelle for George underwear at Asda. Kara suffers from dyslexia and says she has a reading age of about 12, which causes her problems memorising lines for last-minute auditions. She has made a documentary about the subject for BBC Three, which will be shown in mid-November.

Her professional dance partner was Artem Chigvintsev of Russian birth but now regards Los Angeles as his home base although he has trained, competed and performed all over the world. He has openly cried at their success and appears to worship Karia as she him which explains the magical intensity and fusion of their dancing. She is quite extraordinary.

I enjoyed my food, a bacon roll, soup with a little salad at lunch and some grapes, Christmas cake and cheese mid afternoon followed by two lamb chops with the rest of the salad and grapes later. A glass of whisky to insulate against the chill despite having the heating on all day.

So why the discontent and inability to sleep? I have not completed letters to accompany the remaining Christmas card and I will not be able to go swimming in the morning from tiredness or late waking. There were also feelings of failure, frustration, sadness, guilt to painful and private to recount, I must do much better but time is running out and I am unable alone to break out of the cycle I am locked into to make the kind of difference I am seeking. I am also anxious about my situation next year. It is 4 am and I have been up for 90 minutes after coming down making a milky drink and playing the third round Mahjong well ahead of the previous best score which should see me reach well above 15.

I must write about the worst film I have seen for decades perhaps ever so as to sum up this unsatisfactory 24 hours, not helped by the second England collapse in Australia or having a temporary fault in the new Sky box but which took only a few Minutes to resolve.

Step brothers is described as an American slapstick buddy comedy film. This is the story of two moronic infantile men in their thirties who continue to live with the divorced parents , one his mother and the other his father until the parents set up home together and they forced to share a room and change their established ways of life which includes not working, being slobs and generally give their respective parent a hard time. Their situation goes from bad to worse when the married brother of one arrives with his family boasting of his success and offers to sell the family home to enable his father and new wife to go round the world on their boat thus making the two men homeless. They join forces as a consequence and their behaviour eventually drives the parents to split up and the men to try and find jobs. They become successful, the respective parent geometer again accepting that the their sons are as they are. It is awful excruciating embarrassing and one wonder who will enjoy the film given that the lewd comments and lavatory humour is not suitable for children but who would enjoy nevertheless. The Film is Directed by one Adam McKay who also produced, created the story and the screenplay. Theb two brothers are played by Will Ferrell to also wrote the screenplay and devised he story, and John C Reiley who also helped with the story development. Needless to add the film was a great success at the box office making over $100 million. This beggars belief.

I can understand why contemporary version of St Trinians continued to be made. The screen is filled with scantily dressed young women pretending to be school girls, The film stars Rupert Everett as the female Headmistress Camilla Dagey Fritton, her Ancestor Archibald Fritton and the Rev Fortnum Fritton another ancestor. David Tennant of Dr Who fame plays Sir Piers Pomfrey leader of a secret society after the Treasure known as Fritton’s Gold and Colin Firth as Geoffrey Thwaites the former Minister of Education. To give and idea of the style of the piece some of the girls are Jessica the Chav, Bianca the Rude Girl, Chelsea Parker, Bella and Saffy the Posh Totties, Celia the ECO freak, Lucy the Geek, ZoĆ« the EMO, and Roxy the Rock Star.

The search for the treasures takes them to the Globe Theatre where it is found to be Shakespeare’s last plat and unknown play Queen Lear and that Shakespeare was in fact a woman who was also the Pirate Fritton. I kid you not . The film took over £7 million at the box office just over half that of the first new edition. It is very colourful boisterous and absurd. I went to sleep while watching hence the paucity of my comments.

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