Friday, 31 December 2010


Deal, with Burt Reynolds is a film which will only appeal to Gamblers. A young man opts out of he life planned for him by his parents because he has a flair for poker, a flair which is spotted by Burt Reynolds a man who comes close to winning the world championship and who has withdrawn from activity in order to save his marriage. At first his role is to train the young man to achieve the success which eluded him but soon the bug bites back and the two men find themselves in close completion in the world Championship at Las Vegas. The film provides the opportunity for various known Poker players and Poker commentators to come to the big screen. There are times when the Sky TV channels appear to be covering Poker tournaments or advertising online and TV games for the amateur to lose money. I cannot now remember if I dozed off or was distracted and therefore missed how the film ends. Did I care then? Yes although a minor irritation. Do I care now.? No but I may catch the ending sometime as it continues to be shown.

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