Friday, 31 December 2010

The International

I am convinced that I have written already about the International, a vehicle for Clive Owen, who performs as an Interpol agent with an Assistant District Attorney who want to bring justice to one of the world’s most powerful banks whose activities including money laundering, illegal arms trading and terrorism promotion as part of interfering with the independence of nations in order to promote and further its business and profitability.. In Italy they witness the assassination of a candidate for the Presidency, an arms manufacturer who refused to sell to the corporation. Through a local corrupt police the assassin is identified as someone local instead of a specialist hitman employed by the company on several operations in the past, However by persistence, some luck and some skill the individual is identified as based in New York which is fortunate as the two are ordered by their superiors to return home as the case is official close by the Italian Police.

The assassin us traced to a meeting at the Guggenheim museum which is a trap to end his contract and result in a great shoot out with modern multifiring weapons. Hr helps Owen to survive although dies without proving useful evidence. The arms manufacturer politician was killed in the belief that it would be possible to deal with his sons. This is a major mistake which will lead to the bringing down to the corrupt bank leadership, at least for a time. The action moves to Istanbul where the company needs an important deal where Owen is about to take the law into in own hands and kill the Banks Chief Executive. Her is spared as another assassin is successful, employed by the sons avenging the death of their father. However this is but the closing of one chapter, It does nit bring down the bank, suggesting either a sequel or more likely the reality that once these organisations are established with their network fused with crime all over the world they are difficult to dismantle whatever happens to individuals in the control and leadership level. This we have seen with he UK banks and those in states and elsewhere in Europe. When the entire system is under threat while individuals may be purged the basic structure and approach is supported reinforced and encouraged to flourish

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