Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd has excellent credentials, Directed by Robert De Niro who has a support role with Frances Ford Coppola as a producer, but who left the film after disliking the characters, it is said, and staring Matt Damon and with Michael Gambon in a good support role along with several others.

In general the critics did not like the film because for many it lacked pace and suspense, and it is long, and you are quickly allowed to understand the make up of the central character around whom the story is built and therefore much of what happens is inevitable and predictable.

The story centres on the creation and development for the C I A counter intelligence agency-people seem to forget what CIA stands for- when they come to make judgements. The film goes through the life of the main character from the circumstances of the death of his father, his love life and marriage, the birth of his son while serving the CIA in Europe and why he entered the service as a high up and went even higher on his homeland return, and on the consequences of having a secret role and a secret life on his family, progressing through the Bay of Pigs affair which is pivotal to the film and how he overcome what happened in relation to his own role and that of his dept, in order to protect his son, himself and re-establish a relationship with his then estranged wife.The film goes back and forth which some will not like but I do as this mirrors the experience of my mother and my approach to the work project, so I am in tune and the critics are not. Matt Damon is brilliant communicating all the required emotions while appearing emotionless

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