Friday, 20 February 2009

Doctor at Sea

an addition which combines my daily notes with particular experiences which contribute to the work, if only in one instance because of memories and associations evoked.

Why had I included this on my films to see through where the 100 odds films experienced or re-experienced over the past year has included most of the works of Ingmar Bergman and Almodovar, and some Fellini. The list does include a film for young people because it starred Bette Davies, one of the great actresses of my time. There are two possibilities why the film was added to the list. I may have watched part of it on some channel while I eat lunch and noted the reference to the middle aged spinster daughter of the shipping line owner was brought to a port by one captain from Gibraltar. If the interest was the land of my parents, then the film disappointed because this was just a reference and the action centres on a fabricated South American port. The more likely reason is Bardot. I was sixteen and at work when I had my first ever date with a young woman met through a cycling club and we had missed the opening of one of the films because we had stood waiting at different bus stops at each end of the road where she lived. One film was either Turn the Key Softly with Yvonne Mitchell and others or Yield to the Night also with Yvonne but also Diana Doors. He other starred Bridget Bardot, 'And God Created Woman', I think, as the year was 1956. The choice was selected by the young lady who was daring because we were both under age, and met with parental disapproval when taken back to their home to meet them. Doctor at sea was also a film of that era, and Bardot was selected to fill the role of visual candy, this supposedly comic tale and inconsequential tale with Dirk Bogarde and James Robertson Justice was one of seven films which fore ran the insatiable desire for films about doctors and nurses, but was a tame version of a Carry On genre. This occasion I was tired after a cheese salad, roll, and a banana lunch so slept through part and had to re run with fast back to confirm that there was no sighting of Gibraltar.

The tiredness occurred later in the evening which was surprising and I slept through a semi comic drama about a recent political even when the unlikely of all Casanova's and deputy prime minister had a bout of passion with his diary secretary who according to the bit I saw, sleeping through the rest, waking in time for the news and an outrageously enjoyable Benidorm, took the initiative to find out what the experience would be like.

So although I stayed up working until1 I appear to have slept little and woken by the wind came down once more at 3 and tis now after 4 am which messes up plans for a bright start tomorrow.

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