Saturday, 14 September 2013


I have discovered that I am yet to write my reactions to the film Prometheus, which was rightly regarded as a major blockbuster release in 2012 as a prequel to the Alien film series.

The film is set in the future in 2089 when archaeologists discover an ancient map in Scotland which matches others found in other locations of ancient culture where there is no evident link. This leads to the conclusion that the maps indicate the origin of other world visitors providing information to be followed when earth technology became sufficiently advanced. The suggestion is that the visitors created humanity and a mission to investigate is privately financed and led by the Chief Executive of the organisation who with the rest of the crew go into the condition of statis during the four years of the voyage controlled by an android who at the appropriate time brings them back.

Unbeknown to the archaeologists and other crew members the elderly and dying sponsor has also come on the trip giving instructions to the CEO who is his daughter and controlling the android in the hope fo finding a way of regeneration.

The first discovery is that an “originator” being still exists in a condition of statis in a space ship and who is resurrected by the new arrivals.

The second is that this is not the home planet but a forward military base of the creature .

The third is that purpose of the resurrected creature is to return to earth and destroy the progeny of their creation, although why is not known.

The fourth is this advance bases was itself attack and the creatures almost all eliminated by another creature, the aliens of the Alien films, creatures that enter and take over the human body and that the Android has deliberately infected one of the archaeologist couple who dies horrible but before he has sex with his partner who believed to be sterile suddenly finds herself pregnant and realising what is happening performs a surgical abortion to rid herself of one of these embryonic horrible creatures.

With everyone else dead one way or the other, she manages to survive and we see her setting off not for earth but to the home planet of the originators to try and find out why they created humanity and then wanted to end it.

I viewed this Ridley Scott film in 3D on Sky TV and regretted not experiencing in theatre, Naomi Repace plays the heroine with Charlize Theron the CEO daughter and Michael Fassbinder as the Archaeologist partner. The film is well constructed and presented with the characters and situations credible. I will look out for the next edition.


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