Saturday, 14 September 2013

Jack Reacher

Against expectation I also enjoyed the first translation of the Jack Reacher books to the cinema screen. The film stars Tom Cruise as Reacher and he also was one of the film producers. The film is based on Lee Miller first book one

Cruse plays Reacher a former US intelligence officer who has freed himself from the life but quickly appears in touch and connected to what happens when a former colleague is arrested for what appears the random killing of several people. Reacher is then hired/used by the person appointed to defend the accused who does not remember what happened but feels responsible given the evidence presented again him.

The film opened with a man driving a van into the top of a multi story car park and paces a coin in the parking machine then goes to the roof area across a river towards a park where he takes aim with a sniper riffle with a number of people in the park, a man who a bench, a jogger and then commences to shoot those he viewed through the sights.

The plot is open to lost of questions, particularly that the police so quickly able to identify the location of the car park and that the particular coin used with the print of the former US army sharp shooter as well as the van was in his possession. The man remains silent but then writes down Get Jack Reacher. The young woman assigned to defend the former army man is the daughter the District Attorney to finds reasons why he should not be executed in what appears to everyone an open and shut case. The alleged perpetrator is brutally attacked into a coma when in custody by other prisoners and with no subsequent memory he accepts the evidence against him,

Reacher is not convinced first that the location used by the alleged assassin was the actual one, preferring another, implying that the man has been framed, especially via the coin the use of which does not make rational sense. He investigates the lives of the victims and ‘reaches’ the conclusion that one of those shot was intended and the others use to give the impression of someone going berserk. He also traces the accused to a gun club shooting range owner by a former marine who after Reacher proves his own skill is prepared to help and confirms the suspicion that the behaviour of the alleged accused does not fit what is known of him and he agrees to help.

The villain is identified as a Russian heading a front business whose experience in a Gulag has hardened and who employs ruthless henchman who proves a match for Reacher but who breaks him in the end after the lawyer is kidnapped with a senior police officer double dealing in the pay of the villain. She is rescued and the film reveals that Reacher owes the alleged perpetrator a debt in relation to something unexplained which happened when they served together. The way the film ended I concluded there would be one more sequels unaware that the film was based on a series of adventure novels, The film was in the category of OK. There are so many more films and TV programmes and shows to cover I will have to continue separately. This was finished writing only on September 12 and uploaded


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