Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Double 2011

Less credible is The Double, a vehicle for Richard Gere with Martin Sheen. A United States Senator is murdered under the eye of the FBI and the director of the CIA (Martin Sheen) calling in retired Richard Gere because the murdered man appears to have killed by a Russian who Gere hunted and killed. Sheen introduces Gere to a young FBI agent who has made himself into an expert on the former soviet spy and who insists then death is down to the Soviet agent.

The agents visit one of those who supported the alleged dead Soviet agent who is in prison, this man escapes and is murdered by Paul who is revealed as the Soviet agent,,,,,,,,,. The double agent warns the young FBI officer against pursing the matter saying his family will be at risk,

To complicate matters an ace Russian hitman has entered the USA and the death of one this man’s team in the same manner as the alleged dead agent convinces the FBI young man that he is right about the agent is living and is the retired CIA man.

The a great twist it is revealed that the young FBI man is also a placed Russian agent who plans to go back to Russia with his American born wife and their child. Gere and the Russian hitman kill each other but before he dies he convinces the young FBI double agent to stay in the USA. The film ends with Director of the CIA inviting the young FBI to join his service.

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  1. Thank you for share! I think FBI should go out of nomarl people's life.