Sunday, 17 March 2013

Shark Night 3D (2011)

Shark Night is a film for the teenage weekend audience which I watched in 3D at home. Seven University undergraduates in North America drive to the holiday home of one of their number bordering a private lake where she encounters red neck boyfriend from the past who with his friend are also racists who immediately pick on the black student.


One of the groups is then badly injured in what appears to be a shark attack. As the film progresses student by student is attack, some eaten with the exception of hostess and one of the other students. What emerges is that the former boyfriend and his mate aided by the local young Sheriff have stocked the lake with killer sharks and they then film people lured into the water being attacked, killed and eaten. The baddies get there just deserts or more accurately the sharks get theirs and the eventual body count from the ten adults is eight. The sharks looked models that CGI.  To echo a well known tennis player, “You can’t be serious.” This low budget film is said to have made a little profit.

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