Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mosquito Squadron

Mosquito Squadron is also a film about Bomber Command, starring David McCullum and also featuring Dinsdale Lansden and where after launching an attack on a V1 rocket based the Squadron Leader is shot down and believed killed. His wife is the former girl friend of another member of the Squadron played by McCullum who comforts and then reignites their relationship.


He then becomes the Squadron Leader and asked to go on a photographic mission on a Chateau believed to be housed an underground rocket manufacturing/ development plant. The Squadron is then trained to use Barnes Wallis bouncing bombs needed to get the explosive into the entrance of the plant.


Unfortunately before the attack can be made the Germans move captured airman into the Chateau as human shields and photographs reveal that among the prisoners is the Squadron Leader. Given the instructions to continue with the attack McCullum decides that he will not raise the hopes of the man’s wife.


The plan is for the local resistance to mount an attack on the Chateau to get the UK prisoners out, first getting a message via a priest for the men to attend a service to hold in the open air.  The attack is successful and one of the bombs is used to make a hole in the wall of the Châteaux enabling the prisoner to escape. McCullum’s plane is shot down and he joins the Marquis in helping to rescue the airman, finding the Squadron Leader who is suffering from amnesia cannot remember his name or that he is married. The get away is hindered by a tank and the Squadron leader sacrifices himself. McCullum is able to get back to the UK where he is congratulated, but keeps the news that her husband was alive temporarily.

This was a low budget piece of fiction made in 1969 and which right did not find favour with the critics or the cinema going public.






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