Saturday, 3 November 2012


I watched two films on TV. The first Haywire required close attention to grasp the plot as it intermeshed the present time with the past. A young martial arts assassin works for the government as part of an independent group and participates in what is alleged to be the freeing of a hostage held by a group in Barcelona. The task appears to go well and she returns to her home for R and R only to be immediately contacted and asked to play the wife for a couple days in Dublin assisting an MI6 agent. Although the task appears to go well she senses something is wrong and discovers that her partner has made it look as if she has killed the man he has come to eliminate leaving evidence of her alleged crime. In the hotel the partner attempts to kill her but she reverses the tables as kills him. When she answers his phone it is her boss (played by Ewan McGregor) asking if the task has been completed She goes on the run, contacts her father in the United States who used to something in the service/or government saying she is coming to see him and is in trouble.

Back in the United States she agrees to a meeting with her boss only to find he has sent another of the party in Barcelona to bring her back by force or kill her. They fight and she manages to get away with the help of a nineteen year old in the diner and his new car. On the way out of the state she decides to explain to the young man who is she and what has happened so that he can report this to the police authorities regardless of whether she is able to make it to where she going and get other help to protect herself

They are captured after a deer crashes into their vehicle in chase through a snow covered woodland track. She attempts to persuade the law men not to attend the meeting or contact the government agency that contracted her team or get reinforcements. They ignore her advice and are killed but before she and her companion are also killed in their separate vehicles she escapes shooting some of the attackers before getting away in one of the police vehicles and freeing the young man. Later she arranges for him to be reimbursed with a new car.

She makes contact with Michael Douglas the government agent who contracted her boss and does a deal using herself as bait at the home of her father. She survives the attack but her boss also gets away. She tracks him and leaves him to drown trapped in a rock on the foreshore after he ahs admitted that he betrayed her for money and that in Barcelona they were in fact getting hold of the kidnapped man to be handed over to someone else played by Antonio Banderas who had then organised the Dublin venture intended to get rid of her as the witness and culprit for their double dealings. She then traces Banderas on holiday with his wife in Majorca. The film ends when he sees the girl and says shit, appreciating that his scheme failed and he too must die. She has been offered a salaried job with the USA Government black opps team led by Douglas.

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