Sunday, 18 November 2012

Deck the Halls

I suspected Deck the Halls was not made for the cinema as it proved to be even worse than most cinema B film in the days when two features films were shown, plus the newsreel and a cartoon. I decided to watch because this is the time of the year when dedicated Christmas film channels appear together with seasonal films being added to the main Sky channels as well as being shown on other channels including the BBC and ITV. The film is about the kidnapping of a philanthropist whose main business is a funeral home together with an assistant and where his police detective daughter is joined by a Miss Marple like writer who has the support of an attractive young male detective. The kidnappers wear father Christmas uniforms and the event occurs a few days before Christmas allowing considerable product placement for large decorated Christmas trees.

I guessed who was behind the kidnapping and also identified the red herrings. The ending was predicable as well as the two families celebrating Christmas together and he Police detective daughter commencing a relationship with the Police leader of the investigation of the kidnapping.

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