Monday, 17 September 2012

The Killer Elite

One more film to remember the awful amoral Killer Elite. A group of professional assassins with the implication of former military/ security service experience/connections are involved in a killing in Mexico. One of the group (Jason Statham) is shocked to find a child in the car with his father who has just been assassinated. Because of the situation Jason is wounded and after the group get away, the man decides to return to Australia, give up the work and live with his girl friend who at that point appears to know nothing about his work.

When he learns that his former partner played by Robert De Niro, has been captured, he agrees to commit several murders in order to free his former leader as well as obtain $6 million. The task is to kill the former members of an Official SAS operation in Oman which led to the killing of three sons of the wealthy Sheik who orders the revenge. His remaining son is not interested in his father mission or in the oil contract which is being negotiated with the British,

In the UK aware that members of the former mission are being attacked and killed a secret group of former SAS agents employ Clive Owen to protect the remaining members of the Oman group and find out and stop those behind what is happening. It is only late on that Clive realises he is being used and that he and the Oman group are expendable with the priority the oil contract.

The Father figure, family man De Niro protects the girl friend of the man who rescued him as the situation becomes bloodier. At the end the three men and the girl friend survive takes shares in the money and go their separate ways. The Sheik is killed and the son decides not to bother the oil contract believing that the contract was carried out. And the moral is? You tell me?

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