Monday, 17 September 2012

Gorky Park Reprise

 I enjoyed watching Gorky Park, the whole film since watching in theatre and watching parts on TV. The film has a great cast with William Hurt, Lee Marvin as one of the villains with Ian Bannen , Richard Griffiths and Michael Elphick, Ian Mc Diarmid and Alexei Sayle. A Russian policeman becomes concerned when the KGB refuse to investigate the case of three young people murdered near a skating rink whose facial features have been removed. He also clashes with an American detective who is trying to find out what happened to his brother, eventually identified as one of the three murdered people through facial reconstruction. He discovers that the three were involved in creating a chest for Sable fur exporter (Marvin) at a time when Sables were only found in parts of Russia. The chest is to secretly move six animals worth millions to the West where he has a remote located farm in Sweden.

The police officer is able to discover the extent of official corruption involved with the help or a young Russian woman, Irina, played by Joanna Pacula who was nominated for a Gold Globe. She was/becomes the girl friend of the Marvin the exporter because of a promise to get her to the West and the policeman after exposing the corrupt officials back home is allowed to go to Sweden to do a deal to have the Sables killed. He agrees to return home after this as part of a deal to allow Irina who is with Marvin to stay in the West, He and Irina are nearly killed by Marvin as more corruption is exposed. Marvin is defeated and the policeman releases to the wild the six other Sable found to be held at the farm. He returns home to duty hoping that one day it will be possible for Irina to return home or he to feel able to join her in the west. The film is always enjoyable and engaging to experience.


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