Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Infiltraitor Vue Croydon 16.40 18th September 2016

At the Vue the new escalators are very good and the lift is working but I had to wait some time while the nervous assistant sorted the people before me forgetting various items that had been purchased. There was then a problem printing out the ticket for the VIP seat so by the time I got back it was close to 3pm

I enjoyed the film the Infiltrator. This was an enjoyable account of how a federal agent working under cover over a number of years is said to have brought down with others leading people involved in the Columbian drug trade in USA  after it was  decided  to chase the  mother rather than the drugs.  It was a good story but story it is and the notion that the  film is said to be based on book is based on fact is of course for those who believe in  fairies especially as the lead man concerned married with two children is said to have continued to work for the agency.  The film alleges that the bust takes places at a fake wedding ceremony at which the traders and the bankers decided to attend providing an opportunity for everyone to be caught in one place and at one time.  The film is honest enough to admit the USA government used drug money to fund various off the book enterprises with Iran contras being one.
About 100 individual  including bankers are said to have received  prison sentences in the USA.

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