Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Gravity 2013

This time I used the E ticket although assistant had to key in the numbers t let me through into the screen area. The IMAX system is used in special theatres, some as part of conventional cinema chain multiplexes which has a bigger screen with greater resolution clarity and where I discovered there are also huge Elton John type glasses which also appear to have batteries similar to those used for watching 3D on TV.

When the adverts commenced I decided to move in towards the centre from my two seats at the side but as people continued to come in throughout the adverts and trailers I decided to move back and as with the Opera on Saturday the advantage is that one has an uninterrupted view across the aisle space and is not disadvantaged being right at the side. Incidentally according to Wikipedia which I am now subscribing at £3 a month voluntary contribution there some 600 IMAX theatres in 54 countries

Birmingham – Cineworld Birmingham & IMAX [107]
Crawley – Cineworld & IMAX [108]
Gateshead – Odeon Metrocentre (Digital projectors, 3D)
Ipswich – Cineworld Ipswich & IMAX [109]
Liverpool – Odeon
London – Cineworld Enfield & Imax [110]
LondonBFI London IMAX Cinema, British Film Institute. Both 15/70 mm 3D and digital projectors.[111]
LondonScience Museum (15/70 mm, 3D)[112]
London – Odeon Greenwich
London – Odeon Wimbledon
London – Odeon Swiss Cottage
London – Odeon Kingston
London – Odeon Uxbridge
Manchester – Odeon, The Printworks (15/70 mm, 3D)
Norwich – Odeon
Nottingham – Cineworld & IMAX [113]
Southampton – Odeon
GlasgowCineworld/Glasgow Science Centre (15/70 mm, 3D)[114] (shared)

Having said this the most important aspect is that there is a difference between the expensively shot films using IMAX camera and the conventional 3D from shown on IMAX screens although some major feature films have had about 30 minutes of sequences using the IMAX cameras so not having seen the IMAX camera film

Given the build up for once I will not reveal the full story so important an experience I believe everyone should enjoy without knowing the outcome or that the film contains one of the great plot twists of all time.

The film is set in and around a USA space station and begins with a shuttle type craft attempting to repair a Satellite with has system designed by the character played by Sandra Bullock. The problem takes longer than expected so this provides the opportunity for the ten leader played by George Clooney to enjoy a space walk while another assistant tethered to the craft is also out and about. The crew are advised that the Russians have accidentally shot down one of their satellites with a rocket which has caused a certain amount of debris which has part become part of a chain reaction.

What then happens is devastating for everyone already in space at the various Space stations and leads to a desperate attempt by Bullock and Clooney to survive. The film is comparative short as this type of major enterprise goes some 91 minutes, but there is no sense of this being a short film terms of being engaged throughout.. The reviews of critics and public have been exceptionally high and suggests that in addition to nominations for best film, use of CGI, photography and musical score as well as original story with the script written by its Director Alfonso Curadon, he is likely to be nominated for best Director, with Sandra Bullock for best female actor and perhaps the film’s production team making at least eight nominations possibly more,


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