Saturday, 8 December 2012

Scary Movie 1 and 2

The spoof films of the Week was the first and second of the Scary Movie Franchise. Scar Movies  1  and which came out in 2000 and 2001 and where number 5 is to be released next year. The  first film boasted that that it was a one off and unlike the genre it parodied there would be no sequel. The opening of the second admits that the team which includes two actors who were/are also the writers, lied. The films  are intended for the weekend teenage audience which adores films about teenagers experimenting with sex, making jokes about masturbation,  lavatory humour and lots of gore a well as those who are appalled at the genre and welcome a film which  attempts to ridicule.

The basics of the first story makes constant references the film “I know what you did last Summer.” with in this instance the killer phoning  the group of college students (I know what you did last Halloween).

 A college girl is brutally murdered and the following day another college girl is warned that she will be next after which there follows an increasing number of murders of her friends. She survives at the end of the film  which also reveals that the murderer is the someone who has been the goofy moron allowed to go around with the police because he is a goofy moron who uses the tube of a vacuum cleaner to masturbate and poops in his pants. The girls are frequently seen in their bras and pants, there are intimations of oral sex and the spoof horror includes a decapitation of a girl who continues to talk and the removal of a breast implant which occurs at the immediate opening of the film.

The point of the film is the parody, The opening follows Scream I and is quickly followed by a  reference to  I know what you did last Summer as  previously mentioned. There is also a  replica scene where the whole cinema audience takes it turn to kill a girl who has spent the opening part of the film watching giving a loud running commentary and which was the enjoyable moment of wishful thinking on my part given my hostility to those who insist on having a conversation during the main feature. Other references are to the Blair Witch Project,  a film which I did not  get or found engaging at any level and, to The Sixth Sense, which I did; the Shining and the line from Psycho, “We all go a little Crazy sometime.” The cinematic tricks of slowing down fast moving action is taken from the Matrix and the final scene is from The Usual Suspects while the sex scene is from American Pie.

 I agree with the parents who complained that the film should have been rated 18 and not available for 14 years olds although there is only nudity is the back view of a male together with shots of an obviously fake penis, going in one ear and out of the other and none of the killings appear real or scary. My complaint is that provides a false impression of how college students behave.

Having got away with the first the second concentrates on packing in as many references as possible including The Haunting, The Exorcist, Hollow Men, The House on Haunted Hill. Hannibal, Save the Last dance, Mission Impossible II The Amtyville Horror, Dawn of the Dead Twister, Scanners, The Rock Horror Show, Poltergeist, What Lies beneath (a great film), Rocky, Wishmaster and several others.

The main story line involves the students being selected by a researcher and his assistant because of their previous involvement in mass killings in a stay  at a House for the weekend where there have been murders and known ghosts. They have been promised A grades for participating. Before this there is an opening scene at the  House from  Hell in which a girl pees  on the floor for several minutes and another scene of an exorcism the Exorcist priest, the local Priest and the possessed girl explode vomit at each other with increasing ferocity. The Lavatory humour, the swearing and the fake sex is notched up or down depending on viewpoint with increased vulgarity

The first film made around $250million more than costs while the second only £100 million.

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