Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is based on a 1930’s radio character which was developed to comic books, TV series and games which is puzzling because the character is one of the more unlikeable if not the most unlikeable of all such characters. There are no redeeming aspects. He is a typical spoilt overindulged young man of a wealthy father who runs an important newspaper in the City. The father is found dead allegedly from an allergic reaction to a Bee sting and the young man finds himself in charge of father’s wealth which includes a vast collection of expensive cars as well as the Newspaper. One of the first things he does is to fire his entire father’s domestic staff.

This results in his morning cup of coffee not being delivered to his bedside in the annex which he has made his home. This in turn leads him discover that the coffee was provided from a special machine designed by his father’s handyman and that this individual is not only brilliant investor but an extraordinary skilled martial arts practitioner. He is the hero of the film and the force behind the Green Hornet. Because both men hated the father/employer after getting drunk one evening they visit the grave of the father and decapitate his bronze statue. Coincidentally a young couple are being robbed and assaulted by a gang at the same time and the handyman Cato rescues the couple and the two men who quickly leave the double crime scene are assumed to be criminals and are chased by the police who they evade in a criminal fashion driving exceptionally dangerously.

Crime in the city is controlled by a Russian who ruthlessly kills or has killed anyone who gets in his way or fails to expand his wealth and power. As is usual in the USA the mobsters have corrupted any official who poses a threat and this includes the District Attorney who is concerned about the public perception of his position. Because Cato is a one man army and has the ability to create wonder cars and multiple weapons the former waster decides to clean up the city but unlike Superman or Batman he adopts the unique role as posing as the new top villain on the block seeking a take over by attacking and where appropriate eliminating the existing criminals, That with Cato he uses criminal methods rather than exposing the criminals bringing them to justice is not something considered. He adopts the signature of the Green Hornet relating to the death of his father and the mask and outfit the two come to wear.

There are two developments which upset what some may believe is a worthwhile cause. Cameron Diaz arrives as a temp but because the waster immediately wants to get into her pants she is hired permanently and proves her worth because criminology was a part of the Journalist degree and she is therefore useful in conducting research into the city underworld. She quickly makes the point that she has no interest him as a potential bed partner and he becomes incensed when she dates Cato. Worse is to come because the waster decides to take the credit for all the interventions when any success is only due to Cato, his martial art skills and his inventions.

Fortunately when his arrogance outweighs common sense and they fall into a trap set by the Russians and are buried in a pit the vehicles is equipped to get them out of what is an otherwise impossible situation. This is the last straw and Cato leaves the duo and is quickly hired by the Russian to kill the waster. The District Attorney is also on the case attempting to persuade the young newspaper owner to stop his attacks on the crime boss and the failure of the city to deal with the level of crime. He admits that he murdered the father when he refused to cooperate.

Fortunately for the young waster Cato changes his mind and comes to the rescue and the two engineer what appears to be a successful incriminating tape condemning the DA and the crime boss. There the usual intended exciting climax in which the two villains are killed and the trio determine to continue to protect the law by breaking it. As atonement for misjudging the father they return the head to the rest of the statue. On the whole an awful film about an awful person. However I would not surprised if there is a follow up.

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