Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dear John

Having re-established my routine of getting up before six, swimming and sauna, breakfasting after any shopping required, playing a million points of Luxor Mahjong and five games of chess, finishing the writing of the previous day, watching recorded programmes or some film, luncheon, relaxing and perhaps a siesta, commencing writing again, researching or specific reading project or some project work, preparing for the evening meal, working, watching some TV, sport, film or drama series, a film or some sport continuing until between 9 pm and midnight and then bed, getting up going back to bed, once twice or thrice and then repeating etc i decide that i want to change in order write something more substantial and on going and or undertake more exercise to lose weight, and thus the wrestling of competing interests continues.

The news from Japan is grim and the optimism of the authorities that they had the damage to the nuclear power plant under control has been replaced by the reality of radiation leaks and an explosion which they say has not damaged he min reactor except that the evacuation of people has been extended for 20 kilometres.

The attempt by the UK and France to persuade other NATO countries to join in the demand for a no fly zone resulted with failure although there is a meeting fo the Arab countries to consider the same issue.

I enjoyed a bacon roll for breakfast and a baguette filled with prawns and pasta salad for lunch. I defrosted the bacon overnight together with breast of chicken which I will cook and make into a curry for this evening. There was no papers this morning with the pile stuck where it had been delivered and yesterdays available at the reception desk. I decided not to intervene, for once. It was pouring with rain but this eased by the time I returned home.
The computer was playing up so I watched a film called Dear John based on the book by Nicolas Sparks. The books sounds better than the film which was tailored to weekend teens and twenties weekend audience which the film trailer was designed to appeal. A special forces soldier spends his holiday on the beach. He lives with his father a recluse who finds meetings with strangers difficult. The film does explain if his mother left because of her husbands social difficulties. The boy grew up hoping his mother would return with his father unable to admit she would not be doing so. The boy has one magic memory of childhood he discovered a badly Minted coin which his father discovered was valuable, offered first $20 a second dealer explained it was worth $4000 and would rise over generations.

They commence together a an interest in coin collecting and visit the Mint. However as the boy reaches adolescence he resents that his father has become obsessed with the hobby which has taken over his life. The two have lost their only means of sharing and communicating with each other. He sees a girl on the pier with others. When she loses her purse into the water he dives in much to the chagrin of her male companion who has gone back to the entrance of the pier and into the water from the beach.

The two young people spend the rest of the available time, two weeks, together, during which they encounter a neighbour about a decade older than the girl who has an autistic son. The girl is sceptical about the relationship continuing as he has another year to serve in the forces and she is going college from High School. The two correspond and look forward to his returning home. However just beforehand 9/11 occurs and the unit collectively decide to re-enlist. He visit the family home during a 24 hours period of leave after which he has t make up his mind to re=enlist or keep his promise to the girl. At a party at her home to meet her family, he is shown admiration and respect for his role and the expectation that he will be at the forefront of action responding to what has happened to the country. The girl is torn between her feelings and wishes and recognition of however events have changed the position oft he young man. He serves in action in Afghanistan and then Iraq unable to communicate where and what he is involved with until he is advised by letter that she has found someone lese. It is the father of the autistic child. According to Wikipedia there is a fundamental difference between the nook ending and the film. In both he returns home following his father having a stroke and before the father dies the two are reconciled their previous differences. He takes the opportunity of the leave to visit his former love, but at a distance. He watches leave her home and stand looking at the moon and then hiding the moon with her thumb.

An act which he showed her after she commented that the full moon appeared to be of a different size at different times.. This act signals to him that she still thinks of him and their brief relationship. He returns to his unit. Thus the book is about the beauty and wonder of first young love and that the relationship remains fresh and a sense of regret at not having flourished but rather than remain locked in the past it is necessary to move on.

In the film he makes direct contact and only then finds she has married the neighbour who had become ill with cancer and wanted someone to care for his son. The young man sells his and his father coin collection with the exception of the special coin. He does to provide the girl and her husband with the funds to be cared for at home until his death, The two then meet up to live happy ever after. Hmmm

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