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The second film featured an orgy of violence. Liam Neeson plays an experienced and skilled but retired CIA James Bond whose private life joy is his 17 year old daughter who lives with his former wife and husband. She wants permissions to go Paris with a female friend to look at Art and Museums, although in truth it is to see a rock band live(U2), Neeson is apprehensive but yields to pressure from the daughter and her mother. However within a short time of both girls are kidnapped from their separate hotel rooms.

There is a ring of unreality almost from the onset of the film which begins with Neeson as the security officers for a rock singer who he saves from a knife attack and who in gratitude offer to help his daughter with her singing ambitions. Neeson has the most sophisticated of recording equipment on hand and records their contact until she and the phone is silence. Neesonz warns the abductors that unless they immediately release his daughter he will find and kill them. Using former colleagues and friends he has the recording analysed especially the only comment from one of the gang in response his warning, “good luck”

From this it is deduced the girls have been deducted by an Albanian gang of white slavers. Neesom gains access to the hotel and the room of the girls and finds the photo card from a camera which reveals a reflection of the person taking a photograph of the two girls at the airport. From this he deduces the gang is using young men to pick up the girls at the airport/ rail station and find out where they are staying (the technique is to offer to share a taxi) and then the members of the gang take the girls. Unfortunately in the chase of the young man in the photo he jumps off a bridge onto a passing van to get away and is then killed by a vehicle as he drops of the van to the roadway.

Neeson then approach a former colleague from French intelligence who is now working behind a desk an is unenthusiastic about helping despite being given the information that unless the girl can be found within fours they are unlikely to rescue her.

Knowing the gang turn some of the girls into drug addicts and street prostitutes he pretends to take an interest in a girl in such a way that a gang member intervenes and Neeson plants a bug on him and having organised an interpreter, is able to work find out that the gang are also using a construction site using girls in a makeshift brothel, Neeson finds a drugged girl with his daughter’s jacket and in the effort to get her away there is a fierce gun fight in which he kills several men and here is also a vehicle chase where several others of gang are killed. From the girl, after he has got her out of the drug stupor, he is able to locate the house where she was held with the daughter. There is a further shooting in which at least a dozen of the gang are killed and the friend of his daughter dead from a drug overdose. He captures the man who had issued the challenge on the phone and tortures him until he reveals that because his daughter is a virgin she is treated as a top acquisition and has been sold to a trader.

Neeson leaves the man to a slow and painful death and then goes to the home of the . From his enquiries he has also learnt that there is a high place source in intelligence who is helping to enable the gang to operate and he visits the home of his French colleague where he has remet his wife and family and demands to know the location of the trader, correctly suspecting that his colleague has been accepting hush money part of a corrupt chain similar to that that existed within the Metropolitan Police in 1950’s and 60’s and other police forces throughout the world. He has to woundingly shoot the man’s wife to get the information. He is able to visit the trader as an auction is taking place with his daughter the last subjects because of her age, ability to speak languages, education and purity will command most money, hundreds of thousands of Euro’s. He ensures that a buyer he has kidnapped wins the auction but before he can claim his daughter he is found out, disabled and left by the Trader to be executed. He escapes, naturally killing the remaining members of the gang, locates the trader and extracts the whereabouts of his daughter before executing the man. I lost track of the body count long before this moment.

He finds the girl is being taken aboard the luxury yacht of an Arab Sheik where after killing the guard he has to shoot that Sheikh in the head as he threatens to cut the throat of his daughter with a knife. The daughter is reunited with her mother and step father and back in the United States Neeson arranges for the girl to have a meeting with the popstar he saved at the beginning of the film. The film is useful for warning young women and their parents of the dangers now that most European Cities are plagued by Russian and Mid European gangsters involved with drugs and sex. This is moral message of the entertainment

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