Monday, 23 November 2009

Borat and Jeux d'Enfants

12.00 I make up just under fifty artman glitter cards while watching Prime Minister’s Question Time. For once the Liberal democrat leader was the most effective with a question about the position of the Ghurkhas, an issue where I expect the government and the rest of Parliament to give in, if there is sufficient public support, He was also powerful about Iraq but covered old ground and would have been better to have pressed home the case for the Ghurkhas, where significantly they also featured in the time of the Prince in Afghanistan. David Cameron started with a question about Tibet, expecting I think for the Prime Minister to be more cautious in his approach to raising the matter with China and hesitant about seeing the Dalai Lama, was evidently put out and only able to congratulate the PM when he replied on the action taken and his proposed meeting. Later Mr Cameron decided to repeat questions where he had some success over the past weeks in a Pre Easter break knock about and ended by mentioning that one of the PM’s support team has written a book about the problem of leaderless organisations, His party are leading a debate about post office closures in the afternoon.

12.30 I watched the latter part of Bargain Hunt where the main curiosity was the eccentric husbands rather than the exhibits.

I investigate the latest Staples on line offers and where there is a Clock Radio CD player gift on orders over £39 ore VAT. I must check out the deals on at the nearest store first. I need some more glitter glue from Wilkinson’s.
13.00 The second volume of the Chris Barber Lost and Found series features some Sonny Terry McGhee studio recordings which we not part of their tour followed by Champion Jack Dupree whose record long play I have from this day, there is also Muddy Waters, Otis Spann and Louis Jordan along with the Barber Band and Ottilie Patterson. There is already a volume 3 to add to the list.

14.00 I listen to the new CD while sort out work and in-tray papers with the consequence that as the afternoon progress I am able to complete the minimum target of four new sets plus two others, although not in relation to the second Volume of Annual accounts and master records.

15.00 I watch Borat DVD and have a mixture of emotions and will need time to reflect before commenting. Decided to the put the DVD’s back in the post go for some supplies taking the rucksack before shops close. This will provide the opportunity reflect on the film, the character and work of this genre which sets out to offend as many interests groups and individuals, religions and races, and nations as possible in a humorous way.

17.00 I go to the post and find the late afternoon is not unpleasant walking which is just as well as my destination is on the side of the shopping centre to Wilkinson’s where there are seven packs of the Glitter now only £1 each and which are just as good as the more expensive £2.50 from Staples. I also pick up as pack of crayons although I only need black. Decide to collect some washing up sponges with scourers at one end pack of 20 for 99p than they are disposable, also an inexpensive pack of two kitchen rolls. The town centre is almost deserted at this time of day with most shops closing at five and some for the mid week half day. Wilkinson’s as with other supermarkets stays open late. On the way back I consider getting more of the canvases Given the impact of the black and white trials on the four purchased to date I am tempted to use these as backgrounds for the with the white for the black and white photos and the black for the white photo paper with concepts of my life. I drift off in further thought about this. The walk back up the hill underline the need for better fitness and less weight. I return around 18.00

18.30 Some games of chess, some checks on the internet I listen to the tracks of a new music "friend" Annalee and like her version of summertime. I have also looked at the Sky free games which I have enjoyed playing in the past. Boys will be Boys. I have not done this for several years and therefore this is first large screen experience. I came to this by accident search for what was on TV this evening and there is a Manchester U V Bolton game which I might have as back if I continue feel like working. At this point I decide on the evening meal which as to be the lamb in red sauce with roasted potatoes.

19.00-19.30 I am so lost in thought about the work that I forget meal which is ready but it is not overcooked, tasty with the wine, salt and sugar content although a small portion it must be regarded as the treat of the week. I have stopped drinking the red wine having anyway shifted from a bottle a week to one lasting two. The next quarter’s arrived this afternoon and I am yet to work out where to lodge them. I must cancel the next quarter. I switch Gibraltar Radio as I always enjoy their selection of records. I can say it is the best I am yet to encounter, never disappoints and enjoy the local news during the day and the objective approach to world and British news. The station celebrates 50 years this year and should be considered for some awards and awards go. A good time to go over yesterdays writing for publication.

21.45 The football did not interest so I continued with Gib radio and working until a few minutes ago, rechecked the football and then discovered that there a Marian Cottilard of La vie en rose film at 22.00 tonight and provide the opportunity to catch of a set from REM, It has been a good day for music with the Chris Barber CD and Gib Radio,

However it is time to put finger to key for Borat Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. First the story. Borat is in his home pigsty of a village where everyone is anti-Semitic, take young girls as wives when they are children, and then keep them as domestic servants, are not adverse to incest, and will do anything for some consumer goods. Understandably the official folk in Kazakhstan were not thrilled with this film which commenced life as a series of interviews with native Britain’s and American’s in the Da Ali Show on Channel 4 TV in the UK The film is a spoof documentary in which some people were persuaded to participate unaware of the nature of the film or the experience which they would endure and this had led to a number of lawsuits. The film has obscene moments, is crude, insulting humiliating, and disrespectful as well as lampooning and disrespectful and genuinely funny. I liked most his persuading a southern redneck country crowd that he was fully behind the boys in Iraq and getting them to cheer his wildest urgings to destroy every human alien to America, but their enthusiasm is shortlived when he sings his own version of his national anthem in tune with that of American. How fickle is the mob! The other escapade is when he tries to engage in conversation, kissing and hugging strangers on the Underground railway system, getting a very different response from those participating in a Gay parade. Nothing in the film is as it seems with Borat talking a mixture of Hebrew with phrases from other central European Languages. The public response has been amazing worldwide. The film cost 18 million dollars and has grossed over $128 million in the US with One and half million admission tickets being sold in Germany. I did not like the film and its popular support reveals the worse side of humanity, and while I would not go to the barricades in its defence, it is a powerful statement against Western hypocrisy which pretends to be Christian in behaviour and beliefs, democratic and caring, and would never do what the Nazi’s the Stalinists and Maoists did to their own people and to others, have we? I appreciate the sensitivity of those in Kazakhstan but I thought Borat is not saying what this home country is really like, just how the media and general public perceives the population to be in general rather than a minority. In my work I came across isolated cases of exceptional domestic squalor and an situations of incest which must be described as cultural among uneducated and poor whites, and we would incensed if this how the rest of the people were viewed. Most of the USA targets in the film have been covered in documentaries, news items and Hollywood, but not as outrageously accumulative. Many will be shocked by the crudity of his references to sexual body parts but this is no different from that which I encountered when I took a bus filled with factory girls as a young man in the early sixties along Clydebank or from young women in care during that same decade some four decades ago. I fear this film is closer to reality than many will care to admit to, hence all the law suits.

23.30 In many ways more outrageous and likely to shock is the Marian Cottilard film Jeux d’enfants 2003 which has an extraordinary song theme given subsequent events. The dying mother of the male in this story of true love sings to her young son La Vie en Rose, and the song taken up by the young girl he befriends and the Louis Armstrong version ends the film. Marian will never have dreamt that some four years later she would not only walk the red carpet at the Oscars, as a nominee for best actor in a female role, but win. In this film she is an orphan in so far that when summoned to school she appears to be brought up by her sister and subjected to constantly bullying and humiliation by other children as a dirty Pollak. The two children develop the kind of bond which few human beings attain, equals, who will carry out whatever dare the other asks without concern for the consequences for themselves or for others. There are some deliciously outrageous moments with the best the swipe taken at all those young women who think they are being daring and challenging the conventions of their parents by showing a little underclothing, the bra strap, or under skirt, so she accepts a dare to wear her bra and pants outside her dress for an important oral examination at high school. Cupid’s arrow rather than any sting is in the tail of this film which is a nice counterpoint to what develops between them beforehand with perhaps its final message, it is never too late, . Mind you the film is not for children, adolescents and most young men and women that I know given that these two do what they do without the use of alcohol, other drugs or other artificial stimulants.. Their philosophy would be fatal for the majority of those out adventuring on a weekend of drink, drugs and clubbing.

00.40 I work on some writing
02.40 Work completed for day.
03.40 Bed.

08.10 Wake after an unusually long session of sleep and find returning to sleep difficult, needing to turn away from the light coming through curtains. I did not think I had gone back to sleep until realising I must have as the sound of my loud door bell reached my sleepy consciousness and had obviously been going for sometime as it stopped while I wrapped a jacket round me and searched for the tracksuit bottoms with one leg while rushing downstairs, unshaven and hair standing on ends, making sufficient noise to make sure the postman could hear and not depart given I was making such a brave effort. I was not anticipating a delivery as the Chris Barber’s had arrived, as had the Antwone Fisher, although a book about Gibraltarian Scandals due for January had been held over until Feb and March and looked as if it had been stopped. My package was a great unexpected surprise and I went back to bed and sleep until around 10.30 when I had risen when the mobile which is temperamental with a loud ring started and would not stop or be turned off.

11.45 Postman arrives with normal post early, usually later and I take the rain has stopped, the sky is great but the house does not require heating although the daffs are flapping madly suggesting a cold wind. I have drunk a hot cup of Java Lava without sugar and could be tempted to visit Staples to see if there is a sale on later, but more likely leave till Saturday or Sunday, or Monday. It does not look promising for any kind of walking.

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