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Ill be home for Christmas and The Lost Child and second 101 Blog list for the previous years

It is 10am at the start of a new week and after going to bed very late of recent times I am still feeling sleepy, wondering what the day will bring, Going outside to place the rubbish bin the other side of garage door, it was cold enough not to be tempted by the clear blue sky and abandon what I am and need to do. What will this day otherwise bring? I switch on the TB early to find "Take That" singing I'd wait for Life, meaning waiting for someone to bring the singer writer into being, into life. I understand, that even if the sentiment is wrong, if you are unhappy with your experience then you should go in search for happiness, or should you? What are your commitments, duties, responsibilities to others? These may out weight whatever is the present state of feelings, the conditions of the environment. Does this mean never taking risks, gambling with your own future because it might adversely affect others? Songs and poems express our feelings but should never be taken as guides as to how we should live or the choices to be made. Only a thorough knowledge of all the issues and circumstances should govern decisions which affect the lives of others. I will review this statement in a while and see if I still have the same thoughts and opinions.

Channel Four has changed from wartime films to a sci fi at the start of the week. Michael Rennie will star again as the alien who comes to earth to help human kind only to be greeted with fear and aggression, until he meets a sympathetic woman. The Day the Earth Stood still failed to convince and disappointed those of us born too soon until the arrival of Star Trek and the subsequent contemporary electronic wizardry. Later Channel Four has a documentary on the original suicide bombers, The Kamikaze pilots of World War II. Later still there are several violent action movies on three terrestrial channels. Now I find I'll be home for Christmas, a contemporary made World War II family film probably made to help USA families when their sons and husbands are away from home in some war. The film does not feel anything like I remember and although there are moments when the loss of loved ones is remembered it is all sugar coasted and rose tinted suitable for a family audience. The title is that of a Bing Crosby song but some sixty or seventy other artists, many the most famous, have tried to cash in subsequently, and did,
Later there was the start of a film about a senior military man who authorised the use of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War having been assured it affected only vegetation and not human beings, Later his son develops incurable cancer and his grandson is also disabled. The film is based on a true situation. I decided to have a long hot bath hot bath and attend to my body. The experience is a good one and I clean the bath immediately afterwards and notice that the basin could also do with a cleanse. However I do not go as far as my aunt who shocked an occupational therapist who declared that she and my mother has to the most polished but dangerous bath in the land. I remember being bathed by my aunt in a tin bath in our living room, embarrassed because other members of the extended family were in and out of the room. It was only later that we had a bathroom with an individualistic water heater.

It was a bad day for the monarchy. It is the 56th day of

the Inquest into the death of Princess Diana and her lover at the time. His father poured out all his pent up frustration and beliefs about what happened and it will be interesting to see the extent of the reporting in the press tomorrow although there has been extensive reporting of his words. Because they are so over the top and far fetched all that will happen is that he will be discredited with far reaching significance. At 9pm there was a showing of a series about a fictitious young king, his younger brother, his neurotic sister, and a continuing and manipulating Queen Widow. This is an anti monarchist and anti palace staff dangerous piece of nonsense as it gets. The writing is abysmal but the actors do their best. Even more preposterous was the late night film Chain of Command in which a US President arranges a meeting with an ambitious political gangster in a situation where the bodyguards of the two lots of bodyguards do not keep their weapons allowing for one lot to nearly take over the other, and to first open the mobile launching box and for the President to launch one nuclear weapon on Beijing with the consequence that Washington is also obliterated in retaliation, but further disaster is averted by the action of one security officer who carries out the letter of his instructions to guard the mobile Doomsday unit, even if this means immobilising the President. The film is based on the assumption that one security officer would abdicate his position and open the unit because his wife and family were under immediate threat.

Recently the Australian prime Minister apologise for the policy FO removing aboriginal children from their parents and cultures against the wishes of their parents. This after there was a film about a similar approach in the USA when children of Indian Americans were also removed and sold to be brought up by white American families. The subject of this film, The Lost Child, is the discovery of the background by one of the children, after she has married and has children of her own, together with the impact of this on her family as she returns to the contemporary reservation and attempts to find her roots and origins. The interesting aspect of the film for me is that she and her family also have an impact on her extended family and community. The parallels between her situation and my own are significant as the native Gibraltarians, and Maltese are a unique people, the Maltese living on a south on an island the size of the Isle of Wight, between Italy, Greece and North Africa and Gibraltar almost an Island Rock gateway to the Mediterranean and Suez Canal, with its small population nestling around parts of its coastline. Interestingly I have been putting together the limited available documentation about myself. There is so little, my mother having destroyed her papers as her illness developed much to the distress of my aunt, and her premature and preventable death prevented the opportunity of my being able to talk to her about my roots and her own experience. I still feel the child no one wanted other than my aunt, kept secret and deprived of my natural homeland and their culture and heritage.

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