Saturday, 4 July 2009


The reason for the post was to try and get a return of two more DVD's from my mail order internet package for the London trip where I am more likely to go than as not. But will continue to leave the decision until tomorrow. I watched the "extras" DVD on the second series of Lost in two sessions. It was not as good as that with the first which covered how the series came into being, the auditions and selection of the main characters and their perceptions. The second DVD, Music and Lyrics was a romantic comedy which obtained good reviews at the time although I would not have viewed in theatre when I had the monthly pass unless there had been nothing else to interest during the period of performance. The film features Hugh Grant who if you set to one side his good looks and tabloid involvement with Elizabeth Hurley and others. He is brilliant comic actor who can make script seem funny through his delivery and that combination of danger with vulnerability. Drew Barrymore also has good looks and charm but also convince as an actress and there is a good chemistry between the two which makes the story more convincing that otherwise could have been the situation. Grant plays the former less well known singer of a band where the lead went off to individual solo success, making full use of Grant ability to compose good tunes. However he is not a lyricist and although he continues to perform at nostalgia functions, including theme parks, he has become small time. His big opportunity comes when the teen star of the day, a cross between Madonna, Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue, brilliantly played by first time actress in a Hollywood role, Haley Bennett liked his work when she was a seven year old and gives him the opportunity to compete for a duet number on her new album. Barrymore arrives at the flat as a stand in plant nurturer, that is someone who visit's the homes of those too busy to look after their own house plants, as a lyricist struggles to find a theme and phrases to get his blocked creativity going. Drew steps in and the rest is pure Hollywood but credible to a degree and highly enjoyable.

A different kind of film was Intrigue regarded a minor 1988 cold war spy film in which its star Scott Glenn goes behind the Iron Curtain to search for his former mentor who has defected, only to discover that he wishes to return home to die. The plot twist is conventional in that the Russians want to keep him and the Americans want him dead but not for the obvious reasons. The main interest for me was the journey from the Soviet into Yugoslavia and onto Venice which had a credibility as did the story overall. Had the main character been played by a Richard Burton, Gene Hackman or Robert Duvall then the film might have had greater recognition.
My appetite has returned so the test of determination about losing weight has begun. So far I am rating myself 8 out of 10 for effort. Given the usual kick start effects the aim is to get below 16 stone by mid February, under below 15.7 before the end of Summer. I had one more can of Pepsi Coke, three than the two being allowed a week. But the alcohol restriction was maintained and no snacks although I am having an afternoon tea which has been one slice of toast and 50 grams of smoked salmon. I had shell on prawns yesterday. I nearly had a pint of lager with the evening Tex Mex but had forgotten to take out o store to the fridge, so hat was a bonus.

After hesitant start I achieved 50 games without loss or draw at second level chess. I have decided on playing to enjoy games rather than the 101 target as part of my New Year approach to life

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